August 2021 Development Update from Storj

August 2, 2021

Hello Everyone! We are particularly excited about August; our teams are working on some fantastic features we hope to finish and we will be attending DEFCON 2021 this week. We want to thank everyone who participated in the surveys we recently sent out. Your responses and insights were very helpful as we continue to make our product better for our users. 

Spotlight: Four Advancements that Led to Decentralized Cloud Storage

Our CTO JT Olio published a great article on the technological advancements that made decentralized cloud storage possible. If you missed it, you can find the article on The New Stack.

New Features for Storj DCS:

  • For Storj DCS customers, we added automatic limit increases to 25 TB of storage and 100 TB of egress per project for each of the three default projects! To increase your limit, simply sign in to your account and add a credit card. We will soon be adding support for this functionality on STORJ Token payments as well. 
  • We added the ability to give our customers promotional codes with special discounts or other offers. Be on the lookout for these promo codes. (Hint: we will be giving them out at DEFCON 2021; we hope to see you there!) 
  • We added payout details on the multi Node dashboard. You can simply click on a specific Storage Node and see details such as paid download traffic, used space, and everything else that was on the previous Storage Node dashboard. 
  • We improved the object browser experience by removing redundant steps in the encryption passphrase flow and making UI/UX updates.
  • We resolved some bugs and continued our stabilization/scaling work on the Satellites and Gateway MTs. 
  • For more information about smaller items we’ve completed last month, please check out these changelogs: v1.33.1 and V1.34.3.

Upcoming features from our product roadmap: 

  • Finishing up adding multi-factor authentication on the Satellite for customers.
  • Adding social share on the link sharing service so that users can easily share objects with each other. 

Known issues: 

  • The Gateway MT download performance needs to continue to be optimized.
  • The average segment size on the network is less than optimal. We are exploring ways to alleviate this issue. 

For More Information: 

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