Announcing Beta: Pioneer 1 V3 and Tardigrade Are Here

JT Olio And Brandon Iglesias
August 22, 2019

After a lot of hard work, we couldn’t be happier to announce that Pioneer Beta for the V3 network has arrived. Now that V3 is here, we’re also ready to launch the beta for Tardigrade decentralized cloud object storage. So, what changes are coming with the V3 network? V3 is more scalable, performant, secure, decentralized, and economical than previous offerings. It was specifically built with the enterprise in mind, focusing on performance, availability, and reliability similar to major providers, at half the price.

Tardigrade is built on the Storj network and is backed by enterprise-grade SLAs comparable to traditional cloud storage providers, which means users can rest assured their data is securely stored. Because Tardigrade uses the Minio S3 gateway, it can be implemented by changing just a few lines of code, which allows potential users to try out the Storj network and the Tardigrade platform without having to integrate APIs through its developer library. 

Here are some of the key features of the Pioneer beta release that Tardigrade enterprise users will enjoy: 

  • Scalability - Tardigrade has been designed to scale to support exabytes of data.
  • Performance - Tardigrade will deliver performance comparable to Amazon S3 and other centralized cloud storage providers. Even while in beta, Tardigrade has delivered upload and download speeds that are on par with or better than S3. For example, a 10 MB file can be uploaded to the network with a median time of 2.15 seconds and downloaded with a median time of 1.69 seconds. Even more impressively, even at the 95th percentile, those times change by less than a quarter of a second.
  • Durability - Since the final alpha network wipe, Tardigrade has delivered 100% durability (i.e. no file loss).
  • Retrievability - The ability to download a file on the first attempt is over 99.93%.
  • Affordability - At half the price of centralized cloud storage providers, Tardigrade can save users millions on their cloud storage bills. 
  • Easy-to-use - Designed specifically for users to be intuitive and simple to use with built-in Amazon S3 compatibility. 
  • Resilient - Decentralized storage is architected to be inherently more reliable and resilient than centralized offerings.
  • Private - Default client-side encryption and file sharding spread over a decentralized network ensures that only people with encryption keys can access data.

Tardigrade users can incorporate the Minio S3 gateway and start storing data on the network within just a few minutes of setting it up. The platform can also be integrated into applications using the CLI and libuplink developer library in Golang, C, and Android to take full advantage of the network’s capabilities. These libraries provide similar ease-of-development commands and bindings that are consistent with common languages, making integration intuitive. 

We can’t wait to see what our OSPP members and their users do with Tardigrade. Connectors are coming soon that will allow you to financially support your favorite OSS every time you store data in the cloud. Take a look at our partner’s page to see who is already utilizing Tardigrade to their benefit.

We can’t wait for you to try Tardigrade out yourself and take advantage of the improvements to the V3 network.

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