A Case for Decentralized Cloud Storage and Delivery

Christine Ackley
September 14, 2021

The global distribution of software and large data, whether it’s product releases, app downloads, product updates, or other applications, continues to Google Play app downloads alone reached 28.2 billion in 1Q21. The cloud storage services organizations use for distribution can have an immense impact on costs, customer satisfaction, and last but not least, DevOps complexity—we mentioned costs, right? Because cloud storage bills continue to be more and more expensive. 

There's a Better Way. Decentralized Cloud Storage. 

Did you know there are alternatives to centralized cloud providers? There are! Decentralized technology for cloud object storage not only provides more privacy and security than centralized options, and it can reduce your DevOps complexity while saving you a significant amount on your cloud storage bill and overall TCO. Here are just a few of the pros and cons of centralized options vs. decentralized cloud storage.

Centralized Storage Cons

  • Excessive egress costs 
  • Complex and confusing cost structures and increasing bandwidth consumption as downloads get bigger and bigger
  • It’s confusing—storage associated with multi-region or global software distribution drives downstream complexity, especially when considering DevOps time, effort, and costs
  • Access management isn’t intuitive and leads to a variety of security issues

Decentralized Storage Pros

  • Lowers storage and egress costs by up to 890% (that’s not a typo). A decentralized approach has straightforward, predictable flat-fee pricing—plus, there’s no added (or hidden) fees for multi-region distribution
  • Reduces multi-region and global distribution engineering complexity/costs. Decentralization includes built-in global distribution, redundancy, high-performance, automated data orchestration, edge services, and encryption—at no additional cost
  • Enhances overall security with a trustless infrastructure, granular access controls at the object level, no single point of failure, no central repository to hack, and an edge-based security and distribution model

Still not convinced? You should be. But, if you’d like to take a deeper dive into why decentralized cloud storage is inherently better for a multitude of reasons, then download the Software Distribution: A Case for Decentralization brief and discover why you should make the switch today.

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