1 PB Milestone Reached

November 22, 2016

Dear Supporters,

Today we are happy to announce we have reached a major milestone for Storj with 1 PB (1,000 TB) of data stored on our network! The total supply of available storage is around 3 PB, being supplied by ~4,700 farming clients. Even more impressive: most of this data has been uploaded since October 11th on the back of the v4.0 upgrade.  

Earlier this month at Venture Atlanta 2016, we announced our first Fortune 500 client, Cox Enterprises, an Atlanta-based communications conglomerate. We are hard at work to bring more customers to our platform, both by driving API users directly and by inking channel partnerships that can facilitate millions of users, like Heroku. More clients mean more storage supply needed to satisfy demand, which in turn will help fill up our farmers’ hard drives with data and their wallets with SJCX.

What’s New?

Clients and farmers now report on file transfer performance via a system we call “exchange reports.” Reporting will help us identify inactive and poorly performing nodes quicker, which will help improve stability, performance, and reliability within our network. We are also re-architecting tunneling and data channels for our v6.0 release. This new architecture will enable a very exciting integration coming at the beginning of next year. No details yet; we don’t want to spoil the surprise!

Stay tuned for exciting news and updates to come! Follow us on Twitter and join our Community on RocketChat at https://community.storj.io where you can meet the team, troubleshoot issues, discuss ideas, and socialize with other Storj fans!

Have an awesome day!
The Storj Team

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