11 Nines of Durability

Storj was built with an innovative architecture to ensure data is distributed around the world on multiple devices, to ensure you data is always safe and available when you need it. No disaster, outage, bad actor, misconfigured server, or inside agent can corrupt your data, because of built-in mutlti-region redundancy.

Decentralization and bitrot don't get along.

A Worldwide Network of Nodes

Pieces of a file are distributed over 11,000+ diverse Storage Nodes worldwide.


Every file on Storj gets distributed around the world by default, at no extra cost.

Split and Distributed

When a file is uploaded to Storj, it’s divided into 80 or more pieces. fIles are downloaded from 35 Nodes, stopping when the 29 pieces needed to reconstitute the file have been retrieved, eliminating latency.

Peer-to-Peer Performance

When a file is downloaded from multiple concurrent locations, our multi-threaded peer-to-peer parallel structure maximizes bandwidth to enhance performance, durability, and speed.

Reed Solomon

Reed-Solomon erasure coding guarantees the highest levels of durability for every file.

Segment Repair

Automated segment repairs mean that your data is always intact.

IDC Market Note Report

IDC says the new crowdsourced model of Storj delivers "eleven nines" of durability through global distribution and a modified erasure coding algorithm. Read this IDC Market Note to learn more.

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Performance & Durability Report

Storj uses an innovative decentralized architecture and array of behind-the-scenes tools to help ensure the performance and durability of your critical data.

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