Make the world your data center.

Instead of putting your data in isolated locations, we split your data into smaller pieces, and then distribute it all over the world, meaning there’s no single point of failure.

bytes of information jumping around the earths atmosphere

Storage. Decentralized.

Other provides rely on data centers. We think there’s a better way.

Unparalleled Security

No object is in one place, making your data inherently more secure.

Ultimate Performance

Global distribution means faster uploads and downloads.

80% Less Cost

With no data centers to run, we can pass those savings on to you.

Better for the Planet

We put existing resources to work for a carbon-neutral cloud.
graph explaining encryption process

A better way to store data.

We don't own or operate data centers. Instead, Storj is a distributed network of independent nodes where data is encrypted, split into smaller pieces, and then spread worldwide. This is why Storj is more secure, performant, and cost-effective than the traditional cloud.
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