Storage. Decentralized.

A better way to store data.

Traditional cloud storage is centralized, meaning data is stored in data centers owned and run by storage providers like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. They have multiple data centers regionally spaced in a hub and spoke model where data is controlled by those singular entities in just a few locations. We think there's a better way.

No single point of failure.

We don't own or operate data centers. Instead, Storj is a distributed network of independent nodes where data is encrypted, split into smaller pieces, and then spread worldwide. This is why Storj is more secure, performant, and cost-effective than the traditional cloud.

Unparalleled Security

AES-256-GCM encrypted files are split into 80 smaller pieces that are indistinguishable from any other file's pieces—making data breaches a thing of the past.

Ultimate Performance

Get lightning fast, CDN-like performance with default multi-region and download speeds traditional cloud storage models simply can’t match.


With no costly data centers to operate and maintain, we can pass those savings your way at up to 90% less than what you’re currently paying on AWS.

About Decentralization

Decentralized data storage is complicated stuff. We make it easy with simple tools and integrations developers are already familiar with for a radically better storage layer that seamlessly fits in your Web2 and Web3 stack.
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