Your data is always available.

If you can’t access your data when you need it, why store it in cloud? With Storj DCS, your data is always available, right when you need it.

Global Distribution Means Global Availability

Storj DCS stores data over a massive global network of storage nodes, meaning data is multi-region by default, and always available all over the world.

Distributed Storage

An object is never in just one place. Data is split into 80 pieces, and distributed to uncorrelated Nodes. When you call for the data, it’s automatically reconsituted in an instant.

Default Multi-Region

Objects stored on Storj DCS are automatically multi-region by default, with no additional costs required to make sure your data is always globally available.

Worldwide Availability

Data on Storj DCS is stored on Nodes that are selected by reputation and local latency. The fastest Nodes from this set are chosen to store pieces of your file, ensuring quick access to your data

Edge-Based Libraries

Applications built with our gateway libraries take advantage of massive parallelism in both upload and download speeds directly at the edge.

IDC Market Note Report

IDC says the new crowdsourced model of Storj DCS delivers "eleven nines" of duability through global distribution and a modified erasure coding algorithm. Read this IDC Market Note to learn more.

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Availability & Reliability Report

In this webinar, Storj CTO, JT Olio & COO, John Gleeson discuss how Storj DCS helps you build more secure and private apps with familiar tools and minimal complexity.

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