Durability and availability with no replication required.

No disaster, outage, bad actor, misconfigured server, or inside agent can corrupt your data. Storj distributes data over a massive global network of storage nodes. That makes data multi-region by default and always available anywhere in the world.

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Data that's available anywhere.

Storj is a worldwide network of thousands of nodes, meaning your data is available wherever you need it, and at lightning-fast speeds.

Default Multi-Region

Objects stored on Storj are automatically multi-region.

Globally Distributed

Your data is never in just one place, it’s everywhere.

Edge-Based Libraries

Parallelism in both upload and download speeds.

Better Performance

Global distribution means faster uploads and downloads.

Erasure coding guarantees durability.

Storj uses Reed-Solomon erasure coding to segment files and distribute them over tens of thousands of nodes around the world. Combined with the highest levels of encryption available by default, Storj achieves 11 9’s of durability.

Global distribution ensures availability.

Storj has 99.95% availability thanks to its global distribution and self-healing storage architecture. And it does this without extra storage locations which saves you a lot of money.

Unmatched security and performance.

Want reliable performance?

Learn how Storj is faster and more consistent across geographies than AWS S3.

Want to improve S3 security?

Get a deep-dive on 9 encryption capabilities and how Storj compares to AWS S3.

Save big when you switch.

Get incredible availability and durability while saving money. Most customers save 80-90% each month on their storage bill when they switch.

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