Global video streaming is now affordable.

Storj is a secure and affordable way to store, host, distribute, and stream video content. Our decentralized architecture reduces complexity while providing on-demand availability of your video files—from anywhere in the world. Plus it’s 80% less expensive than traditional cloud storage and Storj never has hidden fees for egress.

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Upgrade your video streaming.

Fast video access from all over the world.

Storj delivers default multi-region support with satellite-driven data orchestration. Video files are available and fast anywhere in the world, any time users want to view them.

Highly secure and available video files.

Default encryption is standard on every file. Reed Solomon erasure coding and an enterprise SLA provide an extra layer of confidence, with 99.95% availability availability and 11 9’s of durability.

Consistently lower costs with no surprises.

Storj dramatically lowers your storage and egress costs by at least 80%. There are no tiers and no contracts. No added fees for encryption, multi-region distribution, or egress.

"Storj has an innovative infrastructure that's extremely efficient, which gives our clients 90% cost-savings on storage."

Bruce Van Zyl
Co-founder at Tribe Social


Client savings


Playback speed


Audience reach

Tribe Social OTT platform scaled video streaming with Storj

The Tribe Social community platform needed a backend storage provider that could improve video playback performance while cutting costs for clients. And they needed it to have the flexibility, privacy, and security their clients demanded. Storj fit the bill.

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Low cost storage that helps OTT platforms grow.

Storj frees the media and entertainment industry from the limitations of traditional video storage. Storj scales with your media distribution platform to allow for easy, high speed sharing and streaming to anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost of AWS. Storj provides the highest level of security while being globally accessible—without the need for replication.

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Test Storj for video streaming.

You can see how fast Storj is for video streaming by viewing this 4K 60FPS video file on Storj. No CDN and no replication is used for streaming this video.

Want to test Storj with your own video file?

A better cloud for video.

Decentralized cloud storage is more secure, available, and cost-effective when creating, storing, producing and streaming video. Read this GigaOm Use Case Scenario for Decentralized Object Storage for Video to learn why Storj is a better video cloud storage solution.

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Scale your video streaming without scaling costs.

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