Video cloud storage for media and entertainment.

Storj is a media storage solution built and optimized for large video files. Storj has a distributed global network of storage with the highest levels of security and performance for global file sharing. And the Storj price point is 1/10th to 1/40th of your current video cloud storage spend—freeing video studios and agencies from the limitations of traditional video storage.

Focus more on video creation and less on video storage.

Video production is a booming business for media and entertainment studios and agencies with vision and talent. But there’s a big issue limiting their success—video storage. The options for raw video file storage are not cost-effective and file sharing is a nightmare of agonizingly long upload/download times. To improve productivity and profits, video producers want three things:

Spend less on raw video storage.

Share raw video files fast globally.

Feel confident your projects are secure.

Video files are large.
Storage costs shouldn’t be.

Storj lowers your video storage and egress costs by at least 80% over traditional cloud storage like AWS. There are no contracts or minimum terms, so you pay only for what you use. There are also no added costs for encryption, multi-region distribution, nor egress. And that means you can share large files without committing to long-term storage.

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Deadlines are tight.
Don’t waste time on downloads.

Spending hours to upload and download files causes unneeded production delays. Storj is incredibly fast—in fact, the slowest speed matches AWS and the fastest is 5x faster. You can achieve these speeds anywhere in the world since Storj automatically distributes files across the globe.

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Your video files are money.
Eliminate security concerns.

Your product is your video files. Losing a file or having it hacked and released early can have a significant financial impact on your business. Storj has the highest level of file protection by default. Files are replicated, encrypted, and stored in multiple locations so your files will always be secure and available.

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You don’t need another platform.
Work with what you already have.

If you already work with a video management and collaboration solution for your video projects, you can now extend that by adding on Storj video storage solution. Storj can allow you to cost-effectively share and store/manage raw video files alongside project files—all within the system you already use today.

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Your video storage shouldn’t be limiting your success.

With aggressive deadlines and tight margins, you need video storage and file sharing that can improve productivity and reduce costs. Unfortunately, the traditional storage options are lacking and are putting strain on your time and budget. Luckily, Storj can help. Whether you want to quickly share large video files, store backups, or replace more expensive storage solutions, Storj’s media storage solution can fulfill these needs and save you money.


Studio NAS

Cloud NAS

Traditional Cloud Storage

Video Collaboration

What its used for

The Studio NAS is great for storing local files and sharing them over a SAN. 

A Cloud NAS is often used for backing up NAS video files and for file sharing.

Cloud storage providers from Dropbox to AWS are used for backing up video files and/or sharing them.

Video management and collaboration platforms handle WIP project file storage.

How it limits your success

When collaborating with remote creators or clients, there is no way to share files.

Creating backups is a hassle and adds cost.

It is vulnerable to hackers.

It can be expensive to scale.

Many providers do not have multi-region storage by default, which is critical for global file sharing.

Some have a minimum storage term, which adds costs if you just want to share a file.

Most providers use third party storage networks so performance and security may be lacking.

There is no one solution that is high performing, highly secure, and low cost.

Upload/download speeds for large video files are often hours.

Encryption is either not offered or is an additional cost.

Many have high egress fees, which makes short-term file storage expensive.

They have storage limits that prohibit use for raw video file sharing.

It is frustrating to have to use one system for project file sharing and a different system for raw file sharing.

How Storj can solve it

Storj can be used in conjunction with your Studio NAS to allow for easy file sharing and backups at a low cost. It can also replace the NAS cost-effectively, removing the hassle of hardware ownership and maintenance.

Storj has multi-region, high availability, encryption, and super fast file sharing by default. And it is more cost-effective for backups, file sharing, and storage.

Storj achieves the trifecta of incredibly fast file sharing, offering the most secure storage standard, and is 1/10th to 1/40th the cost of traditional cloud storage with no egress fees. There are no tiers so costs stay low as you grow.

Storj can work with your video management and collaboration system so you share files within the system you already use, as well as extend to raw file storage, without worrying about added costs or limitations.

Studio NAS

Storing local files on NAS or workstations and sharing them over a SAN.

No way to share files outside SAN.
Creating backups is a hassle.
Vulnerable to hackers.
Can be expensive to scale.
How Storj helps
Provides easy file sharing and backups at a low cost.
Makes data backups simple.
Can replace NAS to eliminate hardware ownership/maintenance.
Lower cost and higher security  than on-premise hardware.

Cloud NAS

Backing up NAS video files and for file sharing.

Multi-region storage lacking.
Some have a minimum storage terms.
Performance and security inconsistent or low.
Many use third party storage providers.
How Storj helps
Standard multi-region distribution to 100+ countries.
99.95% availability and 99.999999999% durability.
Encryption and super fast file sharing standard.
Lower costs than cold/hot storage.

Traditional Cloud

Backing up video files and/or sharing them.

No one solution is high performing and secure with low cost.
Long upload / downloads.
Encryption not offered or add-on.
High egress fees.
How Storj helps
Same or better performance for uploads/downloads globally.
Highest level of security comes standard.
Cost is 1/10th to 1/40th less.
No tiers and no egress fees so costs stay low.

Video Collaboration

Video WIP project file storage.

Storage limits that prohibit raw video file sharing.
Offerings to add-on cloud storage are costly.
Limiting remote collaboration on large video files.
How Storj helps
Integrates with  video management and collaboration systems
Removes storage limitations so everything can be in one place.
Lowest cost storage option to extend value.
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