Video cloud storage for media and entertainment.

Storj is a media storage solution built and optimized for large video files. Storj has a distributed global network of storage with the highest levels of security and performance for global file sharing and streaming. And the Storj price point is 80%-90% less than your current video cloud storage spend—freeing studios and video platforms from the limitations of traditional video storage.

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Video growth is forcing M&E to rethink storage.

Video sizes and demand are growing rapidly. Unfortunately, this data explosion has created a cost explosion—and storage is a part of the problem. The options for video file storage are not cost-effective and file sharing is a nightmare of agonizingly long upload/download times. And with high replication costs, cloud storage is limiting global expansion for streaming platforms. It’s time for M&E to consider a different option.


Global internet traffic from video streaming and downloads.


116 EB

New digital storage needed for archiving and preservation by 2025.

Research & Markets


Growth predicted in M&E video cloud storage from 2023-2026

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Storj delivers performance, security and low cost for M&E.

Traditional cloud storage is centralized, meaning data is stored in data centers owned and run by storage providers like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

We don't own or operate data centers. Instead, Storj is a distributed network of independent nodes where data is encrypted, split into smaller pieces, and then spread worldwide. The fastest segments are brought together using parallelism to fulfill requests.

This model eliminates the need for replication and is inherently more secure, performant, and cost-effective than the traditional cloud.

How Storj is being used in Media & Entertainment.

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Editors and MAMs

Video sharing

Reduce download times in the office and remote

Reduce costs with no replication and lower storage and egress

Keep assets secure with end-to-end encryption by default

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VOD and streaming

Reduce costs with no replication and lower storage/egress

Ensure consistent performance from any location

Cost-effectively expand to new geographies

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Studios and MAMs

Secure backups

Keep backup costs low despite increasing file sizes

Improve asset protection with end-to-end encryption by default

Retain easy access to backup files and fast downloads for DR

A better cloud for video.

Decentralized cloud storage is more secure, available, and cost-effective when creating, storing, producing and streaming video. Read this GigaOm Use Case Scenario forDecentralized Object Storage for Video to learn why Storj is a better video cloud storage solution.

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