Why S3-Compatibility Matters

If you want to speed up development time, leverage existing developer expertise, get to market fast, or simply want a quick and easy way to migrate and take advantage of the cost, performance and security benefits of a decentralized network, you need S3 compatibility.

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What is S3-compatibility?

The Simple Storage Service (S3) application programming interfaces (APIs) were developed by Amazon over 15 years ago to make it easier for developers to create applications that interact with its cloud object storage service. Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, other cloud storage providers, and developer communities at large soon adopted the S3 APIs as a standard way to interact with cloud storage services. S3 APIs provide a simple and efficient pathway to Web3 and the decentralized cloud with the S3 compatibility in Storj Decentralized Cloud Services (DCS).

Speed development time.

The S3 compatibility that Storj  provides makes it quick and easy for developers to switch from a centralized storage service to the low costs, high resiliency, zero-trust security, and high-speed massive parallelism of Storj. Core S3 features map easily to Storj, allowing you to use the same APIs that you would use to access, read, write, update, and delete your data on your existing S3 storage buckets. It supports all S3 HTTP verbs, organization of objects by bucket and key, and the ability to upload files in multiple parts. All you have to do is point your files to your new Storj bucket and migrate any static data you want to keep.

“Storj took a huge load off our shoulders, giving us more time to focus on the development of our game.”
Ruslan Azarov
CEO at Ultimate Division

Leverage existing developer expertise.

Developers that already have experience working in cloud storage environments can use the same S3 APIs that they’re familiar with. There’s no learning curve. No new development language to master. It’s compatible with existing S3 developer tooling. To get started, you don't even have to know how Storj actually works.

Swapping Storj into your technology stack as your new decentralized storage service layer is as intuitive and easy to use for your developers as it was to use your previous centralized storage service. Actually, it’s likely to be dramatically easier to use since Storj removes much of the complexity associated with centralized storage systems.

Switching made easy.

Sometimes the hardest part of switching a new service into a technology stack is figuring out how to integrate it and learning enough about the service in order to initiate due diligence testing or proof of concept. The S3 compatibility in Storj smooths away those obstacles. Developers don’t need to learn anything new. In many cases, it takes as little as a few minutes to simply change your endpoint and credentials to start test driving the benefits of decentralized cloud storage.

Enhanced security simplified.

One of the differentiating benefits that Storj offers compared to centralized hyperscalers is its granular access controls. Even though these access grants contain more detail than the S3 access key or secret key field can hold, Storj provides an S3-specific authorization service that maps S3-compatible credentials to Storj access grants making it easy to take advantage of Storj' enhanced security.

Broad and expanding use case support.

For almost all use cases, Storj provides a quick and easy drop-in replacement for S3. For rare use cases where complete support might not yet exist, the Storj development team continually works to close any gaps, including working with our customers to quickly address any unique needs.

Faster time to market.

The time savings in integration and development time, the ability to leverage existing S3 developer expertise, the ease of getting started with due diligence testing, the simplicity of our S3-specific authorization service, and our broad and deep use case support all combine to help you get to market fast with all the benefits of the decentralized cloud.

“Storj is great from a user and developer perspective. Developers don’t need to learn anything new with its S3 compatibility and they can set up and manage their account through a very easy to use dashboard. All of that combined to help us get to market faster.”
Viktor Ihnatiuk
Founder at Boosty Labs
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