Improve unstructured data management with Starfish

Elevate your data management strategy with Starfish Storage. Starfish simplifies complex file management challenges and leverages Storj for cloud storage with groundbreaking cost, performance, security and sustainability advantages.


Optimize costs by simply identifying more data to move


Intelligently manage files across your entire infrastructure


Immutable and secure archive, backup, and more

A better cloud built for today’s challenges.

Storj delivers high performance, durability and data protection for a fraction of the cost of traditional cloud storage providers.


Storj delivers more consistent, high performance globally.


All data is encrypted end-to-end, then split into pieces and distributed globally.


Storj customers save 80% or more on cloud storage bills without hidden fees.


Cuts carbon emissions dramatically by using existing, underutilized hardware.

How it works

Leave frustrations with unstructured data management behind.

Starfish is a unique software application for managing unstructured data at a very large scale. Starfish combines a file system metadata catalog with a parallelized data mover and batch processor. You make discoveries and reports using the catalog. You move data fast and furiously and take other actions using the batch processor. Use cases include ROT cleanup, duplicate detection, backup, archiving, reporting, chargeback, content classification, and much more.

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