The Best Data Combo for Media Workflows

MASV enables high-performance video teams to effortlessly share large media files among themselves and directly upload to Storj.

Upload Portal:

Invite uploads to Storj from those without an account.


Accelerated ingest to Storj without manual effort.

Media authorized:

TPN verified and ISO 27001 certified.

Usage pricing:

Pay only for transfers, no user licensing.

Enterprise storage for media assets.

Storage for media production with superior performance, security, and cost savings.

Fast downloads.

Parallel downloads that saturate network connections.

No need for CDNs.

Decentralized storage for fast access to media assets no matter the location.

Low cost.

A cost leader in enterprise storage, 80% less expensive than AWS S3.

Environmentally sustainable.

Reduces CO2 emissions by using existing, unused storage.

How it works

The Fastest File Transfer for Media Assets

MASV is a secure cloud software company designed to quickly transfer heavy media files worldwide to meet fast-paced production schedules. Global media organizations rely on MASV to automatically deliver their large files without any restrictions, allowing them to concentrate on their next big deliverable.

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