Improved media sharing with reduced storage costs.

Nebula, the GB Labs Cloud, is now powered by Storj’s distributed cloud object storage platform, adding a deeper level of intelligence and workflow agility to the GB Labs’ Unify Hub data management solution.


Multi-layer parallelism for lighting fast downloads.


Globally consistent, unparalleled performance.


Up to 80% less costs with no hidden fees.

Storj enables worldwide coverage and faster remote access.

Storj has extended the capabilities of Nebula by providing worldwide coverage and faster access for remote Unify Hub users.

Fast downloads.

Erasure coding eliminates latency and parallel uploads and downloads make Storj faster than CSPs for video.

Globally available.

Data is segmented and stored across tens of thousands of global storage nodes. The fastest segments are used to rebuild the file.

Most secure.

Storj is zero trust and zero knowledge. End-to-end encryption is standard and only you can see and access your data.

Low cost.

Around 80% less than AWS. No contracts, no hidden fees, no replication and no CDN needed.

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