Ultra-fast POSIX-compliant access to data in object storage

cunoFS enables organizations to quickly and easily broaden the usage of object storage without the need for code changes or updates.

Unmodified Objects:

No gateways, no need for servers.

Transparent Usage:

No data needs to be written to disk or pre-downloaded.


Benchmarked at 50+ gigabits/sec per node on AWS

Cost Reduction:

No need for code changes or updates.

Unleashing object storage

cunoFS’s integration with Storj allows organizations to quickly and easily broaden their usage of object storage.

Unmodified Objects

Files are stored as objects, accessible to Object-Native applications.

POSIX Compliance

Run complex Linux workloads with ease with POSIX compatibility.

Accelerated Access

Ultra-fast transfer of data to/from Object Storage up to 50+ gigabits/sec per node.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

Access on-premise or cloud object storage to use or transfer data as appropriate.

How it works

Bridging the gap between workflows and object storage.

cunoFS is a brand of PetaGene — our data storage solutions are deployed at many large pharmaceutical companies, research hospitals, clinical labs, government institutions, and universities.

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