Discover regionless offsite backup storage with Acronis.

Get it all, performance, global or regional resilience, and a great low price for your off-site backups. No longer must you choose between unreliable and poor-performing budget cloud providers and high-performance expensive hyperscalers.


Never have to replicate backups between regions again


Multi-layer parallelism for lightning-fast RTO and backups.


Distributed hot storage for the price of cold storage.

Storj Distributed Cloud Storage

A faster, more resilient hybrid cloud, lowering storage costs and bringing zero-knowledge security to your workflow.


Storj delivers more consistent, high performance globally.


All data is encrypted end-to-end, then split into pieces and distributed globally.


Storj customers can save 80% or more on cloud storage bills without hidden fees.


Storj's innovative solution is designed to be the greenest storage platform.

How it works

Complete AI-Powered cyber protection.

Managing cyber protection in a constantly evolving threat landscape is a challenge. Safeguard your data from any threat with Acronis Cyber Protect – the only cyber protection solution that natively integrates data protection and cybersecurity.


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