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See how much you can save by switching from Wasabi to Storj.

Storj is significantly lower cost than Wasabi with global distribution, end-to-end encryption, no minimum storage terms, no egress limits, and better performance.

No storage terms

No egress limits

No extra replication needed

Faster downloads

Better for the environment

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Storj frees you of Wasabi's limitations.

No storage terms.

Unlike Wasabi’s 30-90 day minimum storage term, Storj has no minimums. That means you can replace data frequently without extra cost.

No egress limits.

Unlike Wasabi’s limit that monthly egress cannot be greater than your active storage volume, Storj has no limits. That means you can stream without worry.

No extra replication.

Wasabi stores data in multiple regions to achieve durability and accessibility. Storj distributes data globally with no extra cost for replication.

Faster downloads.

Unlike Wasabi’s slower transfer speeds, Storj provides consistently fast performance globally. That means an improved user experience without a CDN.

Better for the environment.

Storj utilizes unused existing capacity. That means no building and powering hard drives. And that means lower carbon impact of data storage.