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What you'll save when you switch to Storj.

Compare prices and see your potential ROI.

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Storj vs. Wasabi & Backblaze

Storj gives you enterprise cloud storage without the compromise. And Storj delivers all of this for a much lower cost than Wasabi and Backblaze and is much simpler to configure and use. But don’t take our word for it, run your own personal calculation of Storj versus Wasabi and Backblaze to see if Storj fits the bill.

At Storj we don’t believe in compromise. That’s why we've made it our mission to provide an earth-friendly, enterprise-grade cloud storage that delivers:

Consistently fast downloads globally

11 9’s durability globally

99.95% availability globally

End-to-end encryption by default

S3 compatibility and unlimited APIs

11 9's
Up to 5,000 Mb/s
Edge Delegated + E2EE
S3 Gateways
80% Carbon Savings

Say goodbye to compromise.

As you consider the best cloud storage provider for your business, you might be comparing Wasabi or Backblaze to Storj. Wasabi and Backblaze are both less expensive than Amazon S3, but recent price increases have customers reconsidering. Storj provides an even more cost-effective and more performant solution by utilizing globally distributed cloud storage.

Is free egress really free?

See how Storj compares and how traditional cloud storage pricing stacks up against each other.

Compare real world performance.

What performance are you seeing from your cloud storage provider? Storj customers get consistently fast downloads of up to 5,000 Mb/s from anywhere. Performance is not anchored to a single regional data center. You can see the comparison to AWS S3 in the first chart and real customer data in the second.

Mean download times of a 954 MB object in Storj vs. S3 US-West-2 standard
Download events of Storj customers showing performance over distance

Wasabi and Backblaze can't match the speed and consistency you'll get from Storj

Compare global replication verses regional replication.

You don’t need multi-region storage with Storj. Whether for performance or to lower security risks, Storj has you covered with global distribution of your data across tens of thousands of storage nodes in over 100 countries. And we do this by default, at no extra cost to you.

Most cloud storage solutions are simply costing too much.

To keep up with the business expectations for performance and security requirements, the price climbs higher and higher. This forces enterprise leaders to make compromises in complexity, performance, security, price, and impact on the environment.

What if you could make just one choice that would eliminate compromise: to switch to Storj?

Take great care of your data.

Storj understands the compromises you’re facing and the impact your decisions will have on your team, your customers and the environment. That’s why we designed the world’s first enterprise-grade distributed cloud storage because we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise.

Why Wasabi and Backblaze customers are making the switch.

“What good is your data if you can’t get to it quickly?”
“If you’re outside the Americas, you are going to have very poor performance.”

Start the switch today.

Talk to a Storj specialist.

We can answer your questions, review your use case, and determine if Storj is right for your organization.

Get migration help.

Migration from Wasabi or Backblaze can be done at low to no cost. We have expertise and partners to help you get the job done.

Realize the benefits.

Experience better performance while realizing at least an 80% decrease in your bill without compromising.

The Storj promise.

When you work with Storj, you receive enterprise-level security and performance for an average of 80% less cost than what you’re paying today.

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