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Get free accelerated migration to Storj.

Storj is making your migration fast and easy with a special offer to switch from Wasabi or Backblaze between now and 12/31/23. And we’ll cover the bill!

Get moving in 3 easy steps:

Fill out this form to talk with a Storj specialist. We can answer your questions, review your use case, and determine if Storj is right for your organization.

Migrate for free. We will connect you to an integration partner and cover the bill to get your data migrated to Storj quickly.

Start saving. You’ll immediately notice performance improvements and cost savings in your monthly bill.

Start your migration

“Storj provides phenomenal global performance regardless of your location and all at what might be the lowest cost in the industry. It’s a no-brainer."
Jordan Maltby
CEO at Shadow Magic Studios

Watch this video to see how cloud storage costs add up while Storj stays low.

Learn how we deliver fast global performance for less.

Why Wasabi and Backblaze customers are making the switch.

“What good is your data if you can’t get to it quickly?”
“If you’re outside the Americas, you are going to have very poor performance.”
11 9's
Up to 5,000 Mb/s
Edge Delegated + E2EE
S3 Gateways
80% Carbon Savings

Say goodbye to compromise.

As you consider the best backup and recovery storage for your business, you might be comparing Wasabi or Backblaze to Storj. Wasabi and Backblaze are both less expensive than Amazon S3, but recent price increases have customers reconsidering. Storj provides an even more cost-effective and more performant solution by utilizing globally distributed cloud storage.

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Migrating to Storj is a step toward saving the planet.

Storj understands that data storage is a cost of doing business. But it doesn’t have to make such a devastating impact on the environment.

Storj taps into under-utilized capacity which saves on hard drive manufacturing for an 80% reduction in carbon impact over Wasabi and Backblaze. The switch to Storj is good for your budget and our future.

The Storj promise.

When you work with Storj, you receive enterprise-level security and performance for an average of 80% less cost than what you’re paying today.

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