Standing with Ukraine

March 9, 2022

Like most of the world, we are shocked and saddened by the events in Ukraine. For Storj, this situation takes on additional poignancy, as we have eight team members who call Kyiv home, and we have a number of community members and Storage Node Operators located in Ukraine.

In the weeks leading up to the crisis, our top priority was assisting our Ukrainian team members, including providing financial and other assistance so that they can help ensure safety for themselves and their loved ones.

We also took steps to make sure our storage network wouldn’t be adversely impacted by the sudden loss of all Ukrainian nodes.

We have also taken the following, additional steps:

  1. We have made a donation to the Ukraine Emergency Response Fund charity that is supporting the people in Ukraine.
  2. We will not be charging our Ukrainian customers until July of 2022 or until the situation is resolved.
  3. We will be doubling our rate of payout to Ukrainian node operators, to provide them some additional income for the next several months.
  4. We will match employee donations to the Ukraine Emergency Response Fund.

These are obviously small steps in relation to the magnitude of the issue. We share the hopes of the world that the situation is swiftly and peacefully resolved, and that the rights to peace, safety, and self-determination are preserved for the Ukrainian people. As we support Ukraine, we are mindful they are not the first to endure these atrocities, and continue to offer our support, as we have in the past, to other organizations and entities that continue the fight for justice for all.

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