Storj Now Features Server Side Copy

July 18, 2022

Get Ready to Move Objects Simply, Quickly and Affordably

At Storj, we’re constantly listening to our customers in order to meet the needs of developers and IT professionals around the world. Server Side Copy is our latest user-friendly feature to address a common pain point.

Why “Server Side Copy”?

Traditionally, the process for copying objects between buckets (or even within the same bucket) required the file to be downloaded before reuploading the copy to the new bucket—or “client side.” That can consume time, egress costs and bandwidth.

How does it work?

Now, there’s a better, more streamlined way from Storj: Server Side Copy enables copying from one bucket to another (or within a bucket) without the need to first download the object—thus, “server side.” Take a look at this performance-boosting approach:

What does this mean for you?

Reduced egress costs

With Server Side Copy, there is now no data egress and thus no egress costs when copying files. This can add up to significant monetary savings.

Less constrained by client bandwidth limitations

Since there is no egress (or ingress) required from the client to perform a server side copy, there are no local bandwidth constraints. There’s no network round trip and duplication of file data. That is in contrast to today’s object copy, which requires client bandwidth to perform both the download and then the upload of the copy.

Time savings, too

Since there is no local download and upload, the time to copy files is greatly reduced.

Simple implementation

It’s easy to begin experiencing the benefits of Server Side Copy.

Native implementation

Server Side Copy can be utilized with the `cp` command through the uplink cli. The following example will move the “cheesecake.jpg” file from the root of the “cakes” bucket to a folder called “cakes” within the “new-recipes” bucket.

`uplink cp sj://cakes/cheesecake.jpg sj://new-recipes/cakes/cheesecake.jpg`

More information can be found here:

S3-compatible gateway

For those of you using our S3-compatible gateway, the CopyObject method is now available to perform the server side copy.

For all our supported methods please see our S3 Compatibility table.

Frequently asked questions–and answers

Can I copy objects from one satellite to another?

No, Server Side Copy must be performed within the same satellite.

Can I copy objects from one project to another?

No, Server Side Copy must be performed within or between buckets in the same project.

Does Server Side Copy cost anything?

No, the action to perform the copy does not have any costs. The extra data being stored will have associated costs just like any other data being stored.

Does Server Side Copy use the same encryption passphrase as the original object?

Yes. Since the object is not being uploaded to the network again it uses the same encryption passphrase as the original object.

It’s easy to get started

Server Side Copy is just one part of the user-friendly, innovative experience you get with Storj. Get started for free and see for yourself how decentralized storage is more secure, private, cost-effective and sustainable than traditional cloud storage. Start building on the decentralized cloud today.

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