Introducing the Storage Node Operator Dashboard

September 20, 2019

Whether you’ve been a Storage Node Operator on the Storj network from the beginning or you’re brand new, it’s always important to keep an eye on your numbers. And the most important numbers for any Storage Node Operator are those related to your storage capacity, bandwidth, and node’s reputation by Satellite.

To predict what you’re going to earn every month is incredibly difficult at the moment, as the data needed to make the calculation is dispersed across so many different places. We’ve known for a while Node Operators are interested in knowing more about their node’s reputation. Also, previously it's been difficult to predict revenue across Satellites. When we designed the new Node Dashboard (setup instructions here), our main goals were to make your Node’s reputation clear and to make calculating monthly revenue easier. The good news is you can now see what we’ve been working on yourselves because the new Node Dashboard is up and running! The Node Dashboard will display all the information you’ve ever wanted to see about your Node in one place, plus it’s a much easier and clearer experience for everyone.

Storage Node Operator Dashboard

So what you can find on the new Node Dashboard? The Dashboard displays stats for the current month including:


  • Total storage allocated to the network
  • Total storage used by the network
  • Total remaining storage capacity
  • Day-to-day storage statistics


  • Total bandwidth allocated to the network
  • Total bandwidth used by the network
  • Total remaining bandwidth capacity
  • Day-to-day bandwidth statistics

Users will also be able to find:

  • Their NodeID
  • Wallet address with a link to etherscan to check transaction history for all payouts
  • Node status (online or offline) 
  • The current software version the node is running and whether it is supported or not
  • Node disqualification status with descriptions of when it happened and on which Satellite(s) it occurred
  • Node reputation status with Uptime and Audit Checks (our main indicator of a node’s health)
  • Advanced day-to-day bandwidth chart with information regarding egress and ingress

We'll also allow Storage Node Operators to choose how they want to explore their data. There are two options:

  • All Satellites - This view will show detailed data of your overall Node usage statistics. This is the default option on every dashboard. 
  • Specific Satellite Information - This view allows users to see all the data described above, but for a single Satellite. In this view, you can also see your reputation and disqualification status for a specific Satellite.

Check out our documentation to get started and if you have any new ideas for the Node Dashboard, please make sure to submit them to the Ideas Portal.

We have a ton of great updates coming soon, and the whole team at Storj Labs is working hard to improve the Node Operator experience. We hope to deliver a great experience on the world's biggest and most reliable decentralized cloud storage network. Thanks for being a part of the decentralized future.

Stay tuned!

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