The Future of Cloud Storage is Globally Distributed

October 3, 2022

It’s a matter of fact that data is exploding at an exponential rate. Regardless of what exactly that data is—videos, machine learning data sets, log files, and more—it has to be stored in a secure and accessible manner. Your cloud storage costs are soaring simply to keep pace. Using hyperscale clouds may seem like the path of least resistance, but they aren’t the only solution and can wind up costing you more.  

This is where the next generation of cloud storage comes into play. Distributed global storage not only costs a fraction of traditional cloud providers but can bring increased resiliency against attacks and better edge performance.

On October 25, we are going to dig into distributed storage for the enterprise. Forrester VP & Principal Analyst Martha Bennett is moderating a panel discussion with two Web2 companies who are starting to use Web3 technology for their enterprise: Atempo and Gabb Wireless.  

Louis Frederic Laszlo, VP of product management for Atempo and Gabb Wireless’ Director of Cloud Alen Peacock will share why they are adopting distributed storage and how it is impacting their respective businesses. We will also look at which use cases are most suited for decentralization and how you can weave this into your overall cloud plans.

Join us for this rousing discussion. Register now!

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