The Greenest Storage Solution

Sustainable Storage

Storj is dedicated to being the greenest storage platform on earth. Our innovative decentralized and distributed architecture was originally designed to be as environmentally and economically sustainable as possible. To further our commitment we are dramatically reducing the carbon footprint of cloud storage and pledging to become PoW free by the end of 2022. Free Together, we’ll create a future of new, environmentally-friendly, innovation possibilities.

Green Architecture

The decentralized model is more sustainable and energy-efficient by design, utilizing existing unused storage capacity on recycled hardware around the world.

Energy-Saving Divesting

We’re making the move to Ethereum’s Proof of Stake Consensus Layer and away from the environmentally destructive Proof-of-Work (PoW) systems.

Carbon Offsets

We're offsetting 50 million pounds of carbon, and that's just the start. We're also offsetting our effective token transaction carbon output from any Storj transaction.

Saving More Than Just Files

Want to take a deeper dive into our sustainability strategy? Read this informative eBook to discover all about how our platform - and company - are dedicated to innovating technology and conducting business in the most environmentally responsible ways.
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The Green Case for Storj

Read ‘The Green Case for Storj’ blog by Storj CEO, Ben Golub, and discover how we continue to build on one of our primary motivations:  environmental sustainability.

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CIMMYT + Storj

Learn how CIMMYT is fighting hunger, and how they're more easily and economically sharing their research with smarter and more sustainable cloud storage through Storj.

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Sustainability Webinar

Watch this webinar as Storj and CIMMYT discuss synergies and successes utilizing a decentralized cloud architecture for smart, sustainable and economical agriculture innovation.

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