Our Mission

We're building the decentralized future.

At Storj, our mission is to enable the decentralized future, and our vision is to be the storage layer for the decentralized internet.

Why customers choose Storj.

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Default encryption is standard on every file hosted on Storj DCS. Only you can grant access to your data. Only you have the keys. It is 100% private by design because we believe privacy is a right.

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Files on Storj DCS are encrypted, divided into pieces, and stored on statistically uncorrelated Nodes. Only you have the keys to your data; in fact, we can’t access it even if we wanted to.

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You don’t have to trust us, because we’ve taken trust out of the equation. We’re trustless if you will. We don’t know what you’re storing, and we can’t know. Only you do.

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We’re open source and always will be. We take this transparent approach in all we do as a company. We’re always open and honest with our customers about everything we do.

The future of cloud object storage.

Storj CEO Ben Golub and ESG analyst Scott Sinclair sat down virtually to discuss why decentralized cloud object storage is better than centralized options.

What we do.

To make our vision a reality, we created the world’s first decentralized cloud object storage network, Storj DCS. Storj DCS is private by design and secure by default, delivering unparalleled data protection and privacy versus centralized cloud object storage alternatives. Default encryption, user-assigned access controls, affordable and predictable pricing, a robust library of technical documentation, and a vibrant user community enable developers to confidently, easily, and economically leverage decentralized technology to take control of their data.

How we do it.

Storj started as the brainchild of Shawn Wilkinson, our founder, when he created the first prototype at the Texas Bitcoin Hackathon. Later that year, Storj received its first funding to build the world’s first Decentralized Cloud Storage network. As of 2021, Storj Labs currently has 60+ globally distributed employees, in dozens of countries, and we're contstantly growing. Storj DCS provides private, secure, and economic cloud object storage and currently stores 4PB across 13,000+ active storage devices (Nodes) in 87 countries worldwide.

The STORJ Token.

The Storj Network uses STORJ token, an ERC-20 utility token, as an exchange of value across its network. The token enables Storj to send and receive payments worldwide for minimal costs and no currency conversion fees. Payments with STORJ token also provide a fast, transparent, scalable, and easy payment solution for customers.

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Over 60 team members (and growing) are contributing to our success.

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We’re a remote-first company with employees in dozens countries.

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We have over 13,000 + active Nodes distributed all over the world.

Meet our leadership team.

Ben Golub
Ben Golub


Shawn Wilkinson
Shawn Wilkinson

Founder & CSO

JT Olio
JT Olio


Katherine Johnson
Katherine Johnson


John Gleeson
John Gleeson


Dorrie Chung
Dorrie Chung

VP Finance

Brandon Iglesias
Brandon Iglesias

Product Director

Kaloyan Raev
Kaloyan Raev

Engineering Director

Brian Stewart
Brian Stewart

Sales Director

A culture of inclusion.

At Storj, diversity, equity, and inclusion are part of our core culture. Our DEI Council initiatives help promote a culture of empowerment. Our leadership's efforts advance equity in opportunity, career development, compensation, and access. DEI is a shared commitment throughout Storj.

Come work with us.

We’re always looking for talented people to join our team, so go take a look at our open positions, and if you see anything interesting, please apply.

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