Easily share and store raw video files for less.

When content producers need to collaborate on video projects, they don’t have hours for upload/downloads. Storj has created cloud video storage that is optimized for fast large file sharing—anywhere in the world. And Storj delivers that performance standard for 80% less than traditional cloud storage providers.

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Storage built to share video.

Consistently lower costs with no surprises.

Storj lowers your storage and egress costs by at least 80%. No contracts. No minimum storage terms. No added fees for encryption, multi-region distribution, nor egress.

Extremely fast upload/ download speeds.

Storj delivers default multi-region support with transfer speeds of 500MB/s to 2,500MB/s. Video files are available and fast at any time, and from anywhere in the world.

Video files are highly secure and available.

Default encryption is standard on every file. Reed Solomon erasure coding and an enterprise SLA provide an extra layer of confidence, with 99.95% availability and 11 9’s of durability.

Cuts costs while increasing video security and performance.

"Storj helps Iconik customers by providing blazing-fast CDN-like performance at cold storage prices. With Storj's end-to-end encryption, security is built in, which makes it easier than ever to securely store our media assets in the cloud."

Mike Szumlinski
CRO at Iconik

"Our clients demand fast turnarounds with high resolution media, we need to be as efficient and lean as possible. Storj makes it easy to integrate with apps like Iconik and Adobe Premiere with lower costs and phenomenal security."

Karl Young
Founder & Executive Producer at VideoCrew

Video cloud storage that’s perfect for creators.

Storj frees the media and entertainment industry from the limitations of traditional video storage. Storj scales with your video projects to allow for easy, high speed sharing of raw video files to anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost of traditional cloud storage like AWS. And Storj can also work with your MAM platform.

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Test Storj for video sharing.

You can see how fast Storj is for sharing video files anywhere in the world by sharing the link to this 4K 60FPS video file on Storj. Have colleagues download the file from their location and time the download speed.

Note: No CDN and no replication is used for storing, sharing, or streaming this video.

Want to test Storj with your own video file?

A better cloud for video.

Decentralized cloud storage is more secure, available, and cost-effective when creating, storing, producing and streaming video. Read this GigaOm Use Case Scenario for Decentralized Object Storage for Video to learn why Storj is a better video cloud storage solution.

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