Decentralized Software Distribution

Scale your software distribution.

Are you distributing software, updates, transferring large files, or utilizing blockchain fast sync? The decentralized cloud is the ideal solution - delivering significant benefits over centralized cloud storage providers.

Cost Savings

Much more affordable rates, and in many cases, you can save up to 80% on your bandwidth costs.


Reduce engineering complexity while delivering the consistency and performance centralized providers can’t provide.


Decentralization means your files are stored on a global network, so your data is always available when you need it.

Improve Consistency.
Reduce Complexity.

See how leveraging next-generation decentralized technology can help you improve performance and consistency while dramatically reducing costs and complexity.

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The cloud is changing.
Are you prepared?

Discover the evolution of cloud storage and the circumstances driving change. In this white paper, you'll get a great read on how innovation has been rampant from the first network to the proliferation of what "the cloud" is today, what it will be tomorrow, and how that impacts application development and distribution.

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PixelExperience scales up software distribution.

To eliminate possible bandwidth disruptions and enable its users to get the latest downloads in a timely manner, PixelExperience turned to Storj to achieve a global distribution network and edge services.

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Secure file sharing with FileZilla & Storj.

Combining the FileZilla client and Storj delivers a great way to securely share large files, distribute software, updates, firmware, mobile apps, ROMs and much more. Read more about it in this blog.

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