Maximize log observability. Minimize storage costs.

Storing log files on-premise is expensive to maintain and cold archive options limit accessibility. Moving log files to Storj saves money while providing the highest levels of performance, security, and global access through log observability platforms like Splunk and Cribl.

Seamlessly integrate log observability with Storj.

Storj allows you to instantly access your log file data from anywhere in the world for a fraction of the cost.

Accessible archival for 80% less.

Storj takes advantage of under-utilized capacity to provide the lowest cost storage available. And Storj is super-fast for large log file downloads so you can get the value from your data without spending extra to access it.

Easily meet log storage requirements.

Delegated credential-level authorization puts you in control of your data. And end-to-end encryption of data and metadata means the highest levels of security and privacy for your log file retention.

Consistently fast global performance.

Parallelism is used to pull the fastest segments for file reconstitution. This means no matter where the request comes from, download speeds are consistent and fast across the globe—without multi-region storage costs.

Access log files through the tools you already use.

Storj easily integrates with major log observability platforms like Cribl and Splunk to seamlessly transfer log files to the cloud in a highly secure, performant, and affordable way.

Scale, protect, and reduce the cost of your Cribl implementation.
Get Glacier-like prices without the costly retrieval fees.
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