Decentralized Cloud Native Apps

Embrace the cloud-native dev ecosystem with decentralization.

Improve app security, control and global on-demand availability when you leverage the inherent benefits of decentralized cloud storage when building and scaling cloud native apps. Plus, you can seamlessly scale up storage, automate processes and improve agility - at up to 80% the cost of traditional hyperscalers.

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Secure Access Control

An edge-based security model with delegated credential-level authorization puts you in control of your data.

On-Demand Availability

Automated data orchestration between satellites and 13,500 globally diverse Storage Nodes mean you get built-in multi-region support and 99.95% availability anytime, anywhere.

Defense In Depth

A zero trust approach, decentralized architecture, zero knowledge storage techniques and end-to-end encryption all combine for unmatched security and risk mitigation.

Zero Trust and the Decentralized Cloud

Discover how identity-based access controls and the continuous authentication methodology of zero-trust provides a better way to protect IT assets than older, trust-based approaches.

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Decentralized Defense - An On-Demand Webinar

We cover the top five most common threats, how you can improve the security of your cloud storage layer, and help lead the charge to a security-first development cycle with the decentralized cloud.

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Availability and Reliability Priorities Report

If your data isn't there when you need it most, you're out of business. Learn how Storj can ensure your critical data is always available.

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