Cloud native apps now have a better storage option.

Application developers can improve app security, control, and global on-demand performance and availability with Storj. And increasing scale won’t hurt operational expenses. With S3 compatibility and enterprise-grade features, Storj is a solid choice and you can save 80% compared to traditional cloud providers.

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Get better features from cloud-native storage.

Security, privacy, and control.

Delegated credential-level authorization puts you in control of your data. And end-to-end encryption of data and metadata means the highest levels of security and privacy for your app.

On-demand availability.

Automated data orchestration between satellites and tens of thousands of globally diverse storage nodes mean you get built-in multi-region support and 99.95% availability anytime, anywhere.

Consistent global performance.

Parallelism is used to pull the fastest segments for file reconstitution. No matter where the request comes from, download speeds are consistently fast across the globe—without multi-region costs. scales video surveillance analysis with Storj. is launching video surveillance innovation with ways to make AI analysis scale to an enterprise level. And that scale was a critical piece of their platform so they needed a backend storage provider that was cloud native and could enable unlimited scale at the highest level of security. Storj was a perfect fit—with the bonus of also keeping costs low.

“Having Storj as our backend storage provider is a game changer for video surveillance because now our video management platform is guaranteed to be up and running at all times.”

Cedric Verstraeten
Founder and Engineer at

How will Storj work with your application?

We’ve created a use case analysis to help you understand how Storj compares to other storage providers, how to save development time, and the common challenges and solutions to overcome them.

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