Enormous dataset storage and transfer that enables innovation.

The critical data being generated from big data analysis needs to be stored in a highly secure and resilient way—but also performant for collaboration with fellows around the world. Storj does this and more for 80% less than traditional cloud providers.

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Get unlimited scale for big data.

Storj unleashes the potential of your data so you can worry less about your data storage and more about what it means.

Security, privacy, and control.

Delegated credential-level authorization puts you in control of your data. And end-to-end encryption of data and metadata means the highest levels of security and privacy for your proprietary datasets.

Unparalleled data resiliency.

Automated data orchestration between satellites and thousands of globally diverse nodes means you get built-in multi-region support, 11 9’s of durability and 99.95% availability—anytime, anywhere.

Consistent global performance.

Parallelism is used to pull the fastest segments for file reconstitution. Download speeds are consistent and fast from anywhere in the world—without the need for additional multi-region storage costs.
“We were impressed with Storj’s out-of-the-box performance in moving large datasets, which we feel is a direct benefit of the way its decentralized network is structured. The excellent download speeds that we observed from locations that were far away from the upload location is extremely valuable to us.”
Antonin Portelli
Antonin Portelli
Professor at the University of Edinburgh

Researchers are sharing petabytes of data with Storj.

DiRAC is a multi-university research consortium working on high energy particle physics and cosmology that requires computer simulations on large scale supercomputers with a workflow that has to handle enormous datasets. The team needed to be able to store these high-value datasets on a long-term basis with high resilience. Plus, they needed to share them in a performant way with the globally disparate team. Storj fit their criteria.

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