Better cloud storage for your customers.

Join Storj, the leading provider of enterprise-grade, globally distributed cloud object storage. Earn more while providing your customers with radically better performance, security and durability at a fraction of the cost of legacy cloud storage.

Trusted by partners all over the world.

Better cloud storage for partners.

Offer unparalleled security and performance at a fraction of the cost.


1/5 to 1/20 the price of legacy, centralized cloud storage providers.


Multi-layer parallelism for lightning-fast data transfer globally.


11 nines of durability and built-in multi-region redundancy all over the world.


Make data breaches and ransomware attacks a thing of the past.

Become a tech partner.

Integrate Storj into your application to dramatically reduce costs while boosting security and performance.

Low cost: Enterprise-grade, low cost alternative to legacy cloud object storage.
Performance: Globally consistent performance means fast uploads and downloads from anywhere in the world.
Encrypted Storage: End-to-end encryption is built in.
“Securely storing and retrieving unedited footage from a TV show is critical to a team’s workflow. Storj enables teams to access, manage, protect, and share massive volumes of data, so that media professionals remain creative and productive even when working remotely.”
Louis Laszlo
VP of Product Management for Atempo

Become a channel partner.

Grow new revenue streams by offering unparalleled security, privacy, and ease of use at significantly reduced cost.

Robust Integrations: S3-compatible for simple migration.
Simple Pricing: Pass savings on to your customers.
Innovative: Take advantage of the latest technologies.
“Storj is our vendor of choice for distributed cloud storage because they deliver next-level security and performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional cloud storage providers.”
Dan Kerning
CEO at Webhouse

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