Beyond Enterprise-Grade

Web3 innovation meets enterprise performance, durability, and security.

Web2 reliability meets Web3 innovation.

S3-compatibility combined with a globally decentralized infrastructure means Storj is the perfect bridge from Web2 to Web3.

Why customers love Storj.

Storj is being used all over the world for improved storage security and performance at up to 90% less cost.

"Being able to use the genius of  the decentralized cloud helped us to save so much time and quickly get to where we are now. I’m extremely happy with Storj."

CEO, Ultimate Division

“We were waiting for an evolution in technology that would change the cloud storage environment, and we finally found it in Storj”

Innovation Manager at CIMMYT

“Using the Storj uplink directly improved our performance by at least 10x.”

Founder & CEO at C0d3r

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Build on the distributed cloud.

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Ruslan Azarov
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Founder at Ultimate Division
Ruslan Azarov is the founder of Ultimate Division, a soccer simulation and card collecting game that lets players build their own squads with NFTs to compete with other players to earn Ultimate Division Tokens (UDGT). The game is built on blockchain and embraces the importance of decentralization to engage its target customers. Storj is utilized to store the game’s player cards.