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Using Decentralized Storage to Empower Development Teams

In this TechTarget webinar sponsored by Storj, John Gleeson, Storj COO, and Aaron Goldberg, CEO at Content 4 IT, they discuss how security, privacy, and economic realities are forcing dev teams to rethink their approach to cloud storage.

Watch and discover how centralized cloud storage isn’t the best option due to broadened threat surfaces, multi-tenant data leakage, cost complexity, and lock-in. You’ll also learn how innovation in decentralization solve many issues presented by legacy cloud storage and how decentralization empowers developers by:

- Enhancing security posture and minimizing risk with default encryption, masked metadata, and no single point of failure

- Delivering more privacy for apps by improving verification/access methods and eliminating the risk of multi-tenant, accidental disclosures

- Reducing complexity and improving efficiency with built-in automation, simpler pricing, and open-source tools

- Eliminating egress, and surprise fees through a transparent pricing model

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