"As a distributed network, not only does Storj make sure we never go down, but its speed is faster. And that means a better experience for users."
Michael Caplovitz
CEO at GetChkd

GetChkd and Storj partner to shake up digital rights management.

GetChkd, Inc. provides a scalable, full-suite enterprise blockchain infrastructure platform that simplifies organizations’ abilities to implement solutions that secure and share data across systems. When Bula Technologies approached GetChkd about creating a head-to-head social video challenge app, GetChkd produced the most cutting-edge Web3 distributed app (dApp) available.

The backend to the Bula challenge app included a customized Bula blockchain environment, APIs, data and asset wallets with rule sets, on-chain data storage, and triggering notifications, actions and transactions via smart contracts. The Bula app needed speed and high availability for video to give the best user experience. GetChkd turned to Storj for its distributed cloud storage network for security and performance.

Control, continuity and video storage cost savings.

While GetChkd has a major focus on the blockchain environment, it understands that not everything belongs on-chain. It’s simply more advantageous to store some things off-chain, such as large files and video.

“To keep our chain lighter and faster, there are a lot of things that need to be stored somewhere other than on-chain,” says Michael Caplovitz, CEO of GetChkd. “Video is a prime example. By storing it off-chain, it also keeps costs down for us and our customers.” When it came to the Bula project, GetChkd had many video storage options to choose from, including big-name centralized hyperscalers.

When it came down to what would most benefit the Bula project, it chose Storj’s distributed cloud storage network with its many competitive differentiators.

"We prefer the decentralized cloud storage of Storj for its speed, high-availability, security, privacy, and price. The Web3 and distributed nature of Storj is key. We don't have to worry about servers going down or being shut down. We feel much more comfortable using a decentralized service where we have so much more control over it.”
Michael Caplovitz
CEO at GetChkd

Granular rights management built on zero trust.

Flexible rights management and zero-trust security were also key factors in GetChkd’s decision to go with Storj. In the Bula app, users’ video content gets stored on Storj, while the video file name and associated bucket gets stored on-chain where that data is anonymized and URL’s are dynamically created on-demand. Storj’s granular access controls provide the app the capability to interact with stored rule sets on the chain’s distributed ledger. This in turn controls those video files’ accesses and permissions.

“Storj gives us the complete flexibility we need to implement access controls in a way that best fits our clients' needs,” Caplovitz says. “We don’t just employ a static set of rules. They can change over time based on the access, role and rule sets we enforce via the smart contracts. We might temporarily or permanently disable access to a user. Some access might be completely public, while others might need the lowest level of granular restrictions. Additionally, rights holders may need to be compensated and every transaction logged to ensure accurate payments…”

In addition to Storj’s flexibility, its zero-trust infrastructure and end-to-end encryption was also a key factor for GetChkd. “Security is core to everything we do,” Caplovitz says. “That's why it's important that we partner with an organization that approaches security in the same way that we do.”

Better performance. Better experiences.

Not only does the distributed nature of Storj give GetChkd and the Bula app the high availability they need to ensure business continuity and app accessibility at all times and from all locations, but it does it while delivering high performance levels.

“As a distributed network, not only does Storj make sure we never go down, but its speed is faster. And that means a better experience for users,” Caplovitz says. “In addition to that, we know users will get the best possible performance regardless of where they’re geographically located.”

Simple but excellent service and remarkable value.

One of Storj’s much-appreciated advantages that GetChkd reaped was how simple it was to integrate the solution’s distributed storage layer into the Bula app. “Simplicity is key,” Caplovitz says. “We love that Storj is simple, straightforward, and easy to extend and replicate. Plus, it’s well-documented with good examples. And whenever we have a question, the Storj team gets us the answers we need right away.”

In summarizing GetChkd’s relationship with Storj, Caplovitz adds. “Storj is our preferred storage partner. We like the solution. We like the team and the service they provide. Their people go beyond their job descriptions to help us succeed. As a storage solution and partner, there’s tremendous value in what Storj offers us.”

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