Token Summit II: New Partnerships and New Features

December 17, 2017

Last week, the Storj Labs team attended Token Summit II in San Francisco. Storj was a platinum sponsor of the conference, which hosted 730 attendees from 38 countries around the world. It was great meeting so many people from companies building the powerful applications that are driving the token-based economy, true to the central theme of the event. 

 Our own Shawn Wilkinson, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Storj Labs, presented at the conference, highlighting our network and the demand we’re seeing in the decentralized cloud storage space. Shawn recapped the massive traction we’ve seen with our network, the impressive scalability of the platform and new payment functionality using STORJ tokens.

Payments with our STORJ ERC20 token have always been possible through a manual process, but we are now simplifying the payment functionality. Users who are storing files on the Storj Labs network simply have to send tokens to a specific wallet that corresponds to their account.

We expect this to drive added interest in the token as users pay for the service they use on the Storj network.

As we’ve mentioned before, Storj has a strong group of customers building on top of our platform. At the conference, we announced our newest partnership with, a blockchain-based AI platform, is also building on top of Storj to decentralize and secure medical data. uses AI and deep learning to improve healthcare. Its robo-doctor, a series of AI-based chatbots, allows users to quickly build their healthcare profile and receive insights based on their data. The AI platform is decentralized and allows healthcare providers and patients to collaborate on individual care that can lead to medical discoveries and much more. It works by decentralizing the medical data in a network where machines are at the center and humans are on the edge with data residing on their phones. It’s great to be working with a company that is pushing the limits in the healthcare industry on behalf of such a noble cause.

We also had dozens and dozens of conversations with investors, entrepreneurs, developers and other interesting people who are in the process of building on top of the Storj platform. If you are one of these people, we will be in touch this week!

For attendees, we also gave away quite a bit of SWAG at the booth at Token Summit, including tote bags, bottle openers, thumb drives and copious amounts of stickers. If you share this blog post on Twitter, or RT our link to this blog post, you’ll be entered to win 1 of 5 Storj hoodies.

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