Storj Labs and Blockchain Education Network—Driving Student Adoption of

August 13, 2020

Storj Labs is excited to announce a new student opportunity with the Blockchain Education Network (BEN), a 501(c)(3) dedicated to promoting blockchain technology within university ecosystems.

BEN is the largest and longest-running network of students, alumni, professors, teachers, professionals, and community leaders learning about and building blockchain technology across the world. BEN is on a mission to spur blockchain adoption by empowering leaders to bring blockchain to their companies and communities.

Get Started with Tardigrade on BEN's Student Wiki

You can get started with Tardigrade on the BEN. This walkthrough will show you how to quickly upload an object to the decentralized cloud and stream it in parallel—from anywhere around the globe—with a simple URL.

Storj Labs to Provide Credits to Universities and Students

Storj Labs is excited to work with BEN to bring the decentralized cloud to universities across the globe. Students from BEN can reach out to Storj Labs for free credits on Tardigrade to test the platform, conduct research, and build unique projects to familiarize themselves with decentralized cloud storage.

Unlike other complicated Web3 solutions, getting started with Tardigrade is easy. Instead of reinventing the wheel, Tardigrade mimics familiar solutions. Users simply create an account on Tardigrade, generate an API key, and configure the Uplink. After that, users can immediately start uploading data to the network. No blockchain syncing needed. No long waits for verification. It's really that easy.

In fact, for student developers familiar with Amazon Web Services, the AWS CLI can be reconfigured to talk directly to the decentralized cloud using the Tardigrade S3 Gateway. This means shifting from AWS to the decentralized cloud is as simple as reconfiguring your endpoint—no complex application re-architecture needed.

Free the Cloud with Tardigrade

We're thrilled to collaborate with the Blockchain Education Network and support students building the next generation of the internet with decentralized infrastructure.

Interested in leveraging the decentralized cloud with Tardigrade for your Web3 project? We want to give you a platform! Storj Labs is happy to work with you to highlight your solution, on our blog, in our community, in our newsletter, or on our weekly podcast (Tardigrade Thursdays), to help you showcase your work to 80k+ developers and followers in the Tardigrade community.

Today, Tardigrade supports integrations with leading Open Source Projects, like Kubernetes, Postgres, Rclone, MongoDB, and more. Reach out to to get set up with credits and help with best practices.

Want to get involved with Storj and build on the decentralized cloud? Join our community at and say hi!

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