Storj is not Dropbox

August 27, 2014

Scrolling through our newsfeeds and our Bitcointalk threads and so on, it becomes apparent that there are misconceptions associated with Storj - that is, that Storj is just a Dropbox-like application or is just frontend. While one of Storj’s application, Metadisk, does act as a file-sharing and file-storing alternative, this is just a piece of the Storj pie. Storj also does frontend work, but that too is just another piece of that pie.

Storj is a cloud storage platform. The key word in that sentence is platform because without it, Storj would just really be a decentralized cloud storage alternative. While a decentralized cloud storage alternative in itself would still be a great product, what we are creating goes beyond that. Storj allows users to create decentralized applications, which we have already begun to see basic demos for such as an image viewer, a .txt and .pdf viewer, a music player, and even a video service - all using the Metadisk API and pulling content from the network. Some of these services have even been thrown into a Storj Media Center of sorts.

The other misconception about Storj - that it is solely a frontend for other services - is actually half true. While we do have backend for our own network, we have offered some of our frontend work to other decentralization projects, which is where many of our talks of integration with other services, such as MaidSafe and Sia, came from. Many people have actually asked what the difference is between our project and other ones, the most prominent being MaidSafe. To clear this up, Storj and MaidSafe (and just about any other decentralized storage solution) are attempting the same thing, but in different ways.

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