Storj and FileZilla Integration: Bringing Blockchain Storage to 15M Monthly Users

July 20, 2017

The Storj community’s most requested feature has been a drag and drop tool to use the Storj network easily. Your request has not gone unheard. Over the last eight months, we’ve been working closely with the FileZilla team to provide a graphical user interface for storing files on the Storj network. This has included building a C library called libstorj that can be integrated into applications such as FileZilla.

While we have already worked with a small group of beta testers up to now, we’re now ready to invite the greater community to help test for high reliability and scalability of the Storj network and Bridge with FileZilla. To join our group of beta testers, please join our community chat and ask a moderator to be added to the FileZilla test group channel. Your feedback will allow us to make significant improvements to the Storj network, Bridge service, and the FileZilla integration itself. We are still in the early stages of testing, but once that is complete the integration will ship as a promoted feature within FileZilla.

This integration gives existing FileZilla users the option to leverage Storj for a more secure, cost-effective and flexible storage solution compared to cloud providers like Amazon, making privacy and security the default. When this integration goes live, Storj will be available to 15 million monthly users.

We are excited to announce this partnership and integration. We are looking forward to the community’s help and feedback on making it even better.

Storj is offering 25GB of free storage and bandwidth per month for new users who sign up with the platform. Existing customers can also take advantage of Storj’s referral program. For more information, visit

Launched more than a decade ago as a high school computer science project, FileZilla has since grown to become one of the most popular open source FTP clients available with more than 100 million downloads per year. A free and open source solution with cross-platform support – available for Windows, Mac and Linux users – FileZilla is known as a fast, full-featured and reliable FTP client that continues to add new features and enhancements for users.

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