SONM and Storj Labs Create the First Decentralized Cloud Computing Platform

November 28, 2017

Today, our team at Storj Labs, along with the team at SONM, formally announced that we will integrate our platforms to interact and share files directly. This announcement marks a major milestone for Storj, SONM and the cloud computing industry. The integration of our platforms will create the first decentralized cloud computing platform that combines compute with persistent storage.

There is an exploding demand for decentralized applications and these applications need a foundational layer on which they can build. In recent weeks, our team has announced several customers who are using Storj as the underlying storage layer to ensure their data remains secure, private and inaccessible to others. These partnerships include companies like CapLinked, YouNow and Loomia, as well as several others, who are building their platforms on top of Storj. Storj is providing these companies with a decentralized place they can persistently store their data long-term, however there is still a need for compute to process the data within the application.

SONM, which stands for Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining, is a decentralized worldwide fog supercomputer for general purpose computing that ranges from site hosting to scientific calculations. The SONM platform also includes an internal peer-to-peer marketplace for the buying and selling of computing power.

The defining feature of SONM’s platform is its decentralized and open-source structure, which is very similar to what Storj Labs does for storage capacity, making us natural allies. Compared to cloud services like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, SONM enables its customers to interact directly with each other in a peer-to-peer structure, creating a fair market of computing powers.

Teaming up with Storj enables the uploading and downloading of computing tasks and persistent storage of data assets over time, making them accessible both for buyers and miners and helping both companies expand their capabilities within the market. The joint solution delivers privacy by design and security by default, leveraging encryption and file sharding to store data long-term.

Our team is extremely excited about the capabilities that are made possible through this integration with SONM and we will plan to share updates as the integration progresses.

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