Product Manager Development Update 15

January 16, 2019

This is our first development update of the year and we have already accomplished so much in just the past couple of weeks! We are still focusing the majority of our time and effort on the Explorer release, the public alpha for storage node operators. This release will be very important to the network and the community, as we want our storage node operator (SNO) community to start building a reputation on the V3 network and begin to get paid! We have a lot of content coming out over the next couple of weeks, which will describe how you can be a successful SNO. We will also be announcing the official date for the Explorer release soon, so be on the lookout for those waitlist email invitations.

Recent development accomplishments:

  • We solved a bunch of UX issues with setting up storage nodes and fixed a few bugs as well.
  • We added the ability for storage nodes to advertise their bandwidth and disk availability over the DHT (distributed hash table).
  • We added some more functionality to the Satellite web GUI so that users can manage their API keys and team members.
  • We implemented expiration dates on bandwidth agreements. If a storage node sends a bandwidth agreement to a Satellite after the expiration date, it will be rejected. There will be more information about how bandwidth agreements work in a future blog post.

In our next post, we plan to share updates on:

  • The Explorer release, a timeline on when it will be launched, how you can become a SNO, and setup documentation.
  • What we worked on during the Q4 2018 all-hands week in Atlanta. The all-hands week is when all Storj employees get together to sync up on strategy and work towards major milestones. The Q4 2018 all-hands meeting is actually happening this week, January 14th - 18th!
  • Finishing off the last few things we need to be able to calculate, including how much we owe a SNO, so that when Explorer is launched, we can start paying SNOs for the capacity and bandwidth they contribute to the network.
  • The Satellite web app that clients will use to sign up to store data on the Storj network. This will be deployed in the Vanguard release.

If you want to know what else we have been working on, please take a look at our product roadmap and previous development update. If you want to dig into the code, visit our GitHub repository. If you have questions, feel free to reach out by emailing or through our community forum.

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