Private, Multiregion File Transfer with Tardigrade and FileZilla

Today, we're pleased to announce that FileZilla users can now use Tardigrade decentralized cloud storage as the storage service for their files. People choose FileZilla because it's a fast, secure, and reliable file transfer tool, making it a great pairing with Tardigrade. Because Tardigrade is decentralized, all data stored on the service is private by default through end-to-end encryption, ensuring data confidentiality. On top of that, Tardigrade provides multi-region redundancy for each file at no cost and no complicated configuration.

Because of FileZilla's broad adoption and ubiquitousness, this integration means every FileZilla user can easily tap into the Tardigrade world without the need to be a developer or a software engineer. FileZilla is intuitive and simple to use, meaning securely managing your data is just as easy.

Why choose Tardigrade

One of the biggest reasons to choose Tardigrade over other cloud storage services is its privacy capabilities. This is especially useful, given growing concerns from data owners about how cloud storage providers use their data, and compliance with local data privacy regulations.

Tardigrade makes it easy to securely store and transfer your data using end-to-end encryption so only you can access it. No need for complicated setups and configurations to ensure confidentiality. Every file on Tardigrade is encrypted by default.

For developers and engineers, Tardigrade's p2p architecture means it delivers better performance—especially if downloading your file from half-way around the world. It's decentralized architecture also ensures the integrity of your file, as the system is constantly auditing files stored on the platform to ensure it's not changed, corrupted, or modified.

This makes it great for multi-cloud environments, as your data is globally distributed without any extra cost, effort, or configuration. If you need to access your data, recover or replicate your data, it's much faster with a decentralized approach. Also, you don't lose access to data if there's an outage in one specific region.

Getting started with Tardigrade and FileZilla

You can get started storing data on Tardigrade using FileZilla in just a few easy steps. Check out our full documentation here or follow this short overview on how to get started.

1. Go into Site Manager

2. Hit the 'New site' option, and select Tardigrade - Decentralized Cloud Storage

3. Enter the Satellite, API Key, and Encryption Passphrase (used in Uplink) below: 

4. After you enter the above information, hit "Connect", and Filezilla will connect directly to the remote site.  You should see a screen showing your local site vs. Tardigrade, like so:

We look forward to hearing from FileZilla community members about how they like Tardigrade and their experience using the two solutions together. If you'd like to share feedback you can email the Storj Labs team at

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