PixelExperience Scales Up Software Distribution With Storj DCS

September 21, 2021

Apps need updates—it’s an everyday part of the digital landscape these days. Whether it’s product releases, feature updates, firmware refreshes, security patches, media delivery, downloads, or containers, you need fast, reliable software distribution to keep your data safe. 

And that’s where PixelExperience comes in. PixelExperience distributes aftermarket ROM based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) every month (in step with Google’s monthly AOSP security updates), to ensure customers get their latest downloads quickly and easily. PixelExperience supports more than 60 different builds of their ROM, each up to 1.5 GB in size—for each device model supported—which adds up to an impressive 50,000 downloads across the globe per month. 

Given the ongoing growing demand for monthly releases, PixelExperience recently began experiencing bandwidth shortages. PixelExperience recently turned to the power and resiliency of Storj DCS with its inherent global distribution network and edge services to eliminate disruptions and enable users to get the latest downloads quickly.

Storj DCS makes our job easy,” stated Rohan Hasabe, Core Team Member at PixelExperience. “We just upload a build to the Storj DCS uplink, and then the software automatically distributes it across its network. We don’t even have to think about it. Plus, it takes care of all the other stuff.

What “other stuff,” you may be asking yourself? To get the whole story on how PixelExperience improved bandwidth scalability and eliminated complexity, all while achieving better security and reliability with the global decentralized cloud storage architecture of Storj DCS, read our case study.

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