New Farmer Payout App Live

June 6, 2018

To improve the payout process for Storj farmers, we have launched a new service to track payments each month. Instead of searching in the monthly Google sheet, you can visit and enter your payment destination address. The app will display gigabyte hours, bytes downloaded, terabytes stored, terabytes downloaded, and the payout amount in dollars.

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The new app also lets you easily see your payment history. We hope it will speed up the payment process in the future. We will be making future improvements to the tool, as we receive feedback from the community. This app is an iterative step toward providing better visibility and better information for farmers. With better access to information anticipated with the release of the V3 network, we’ll be able to incorporate performance data and benchmarking, as well as recommendations for improvement.

We’ve also created a new process for disputing payout stats, starting with May 2018.* If you believe our stats for your payout address as displayed on  are incorrect, you can let us know by filling out the Storj Share Dashboard Support Request Form. In order to start a dispute, you will need to have the logs for the corresponding month for all your nodes. This will allow our scripts to estimate your gigabyte hour (GBh) usage and downloaded bytes for each of your nodes during the month in question. Our request form will guide you through the process of filing your dispute. This app is an iterative step toward making the interface with our product more convenient and user-friendly.

Many thanks to Stefan Benten, one of our community leaders, and our team members Atikh Bana and Faris Huskovic for creating the app. Let us know what you think in the comments!

*The Storj Share Dashboard Request Form lets you dispute payouts for the current month only.

Gigabyte hours is a measure of disk space consumption.

—The Storj Labs Team

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