March Farmer Payouts on Track

April 25, 2018

In the two weeks since we announced we would make changes to our farmer payout criteria, we have made progress! We are close to finishing SIP9, and in our final testing phase.

SIP9 will change the way we identify and rank farmer node reputation and store data across the Storj network. SIP9 includes many changes, but in general, farmers operating nominally with higher availability will receive more contracts than farmers who have lower availability. Farmers can monitor their reputation via the Storj API.

As promised, we’ll send March farmer payouts on April 30. To make this possible, the time between making the March payment sheet public and sending tokens will be much shorter than usual. In the event a farmer has a discrepancy they need to have reviewed, we ask that they contact and submit their supporting evidence. In the future, we will complete audits after the payout sheet is posted and initial payments are made.

We appreciate the community’s patience as we work toward making our shared vision of decentralization a reality. Next week, we will share what you can do to ensure your farmer node has a high reputation score.

—The Storj Team

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