March Farmer Payouts

April 30, 2018

We would like to extensively thank our community members for their patience while we audited farmer payouts for March. We committed to distributing payouts by April 30 and we are pleased to share we have met that goal and payments are currently underway. If you review the payout sheet and find any discrepancy you need to have reviewed, please contact and submit any supporting evidence you have.

Farmers who participate in the Storj network must agree to our Storj Share terms of service. If you deliberately violate these terms, your payments may be reduced or canceled.

Regarding farmers who manipulated their nodes to receive multiple subsidy payments to multiple payout addresses, we have consolidated their payouts into one payout address and they will not be paid multiple subsidies. In addition, we will not pay farmers who did not retain their file shards.

When you sign on to use Storj Share to farm your drives, you agree to meet certain performance levels. You agree to keep your devices connected to the Internet 24/7 so that users can access their data anytime. You also authorize Storj to periodically audit your device’s performance to ensure you are in compliance with these terms, and to make sure you are properly storing data on your device. And you agree to not interfere with or disrupt auditing. You can read the full terms here.

As we move closer to releasing the updated network architecture, we will continue to be more aggressive at measuring uptime and data retention to ensure we maintain a quality network for our users.

Improving farmer reputation and score

There are several actions farmers can take to ensure they pass routine audits and continue to receive file shards and payments.

  • Nodes that maintain the highest uptime—the percentage of time the node remains connected to the internet—will receive the highest reputation scores.
  • Data retention is also critical to your success as a farmer.
  • If running multiple nodes, only utilize one payout address.

Again, we appreciate the community’s patience as we work toward making our shared vision of decentralization a reality. Please follow us on Rocket.Chat for updates.

— The Storj Team

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