Introducing the Tardigrade Mascot

July 19, 2019

During the Storj Town Hall on July 10th, we asked our community to vote for their favorite mascot. The mascot candidates highlighted our brand attributes of simplicity, security, resiliency, and decentralization, which we covered in our blog post announcing the community vote. We also talked about why deserves nothing short of a robust, yet charming mascot to join us along for the ride to a decentralized world.

Our community members voted for their favorites, told us why they love the mascot they selected and ranked their selection from one (worst mascot ever) to five (best mascot ever) with a pretty clear crowd favorite. After pouring through the votes and reading your comments, we made a few small updates to the winner, and we're thrilled to announce our new best friend.

Meet Our Mascot

Some of our favorite community comments mention's brand attributes along with some comments we're excited to share:

   "Looks friendly. The stance isn't aggressive, but also not submissive."

   "Cute, trustworthy, approachable. Like I wanna tell it all of my problems."

   "I really get the urge to wave back."

   "Robust, sturdy, and trustworthy, but still friendly."

As we gear up for production launch, the Storj team is thrilled to see our new friend pop up on our website, on swag, in emails, and anywhere else it decides to venture out into the universe.

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