Introducing the New Storj Box, Shawn Wilkinson Signature Edition III

April 1, 2019

The irony is that the internet, which we all use to search for billions of things, has itself, long been searching for something. Today we present to you that something.

Introducing the New Storj Box, Shawn Wilkinson Signature Edition III


It’s bold, it’s powerful, it’s essentially spun of gold. It makes all of your decentralized and distributed dreams come true. This confirms, once and for all, that Storj truly is the real Pied Piper.

Shawn put his signature on The Box III because he personally stands behind the SAS SSD NVMe drive bays, the 24-core processors, and the ECC DDR4 SDRAM LRDIMs and their exceptional reliability.

Happy April 1 to you all! :)

The truth is that these little beauties are self-contained storage nodes that our globally distributed team used to jumpstart the new V3 network. We have been utilizing these boxes for a few months now and the data we’ve gleaned from them, as well as all the storage nodes that have since joined the network, has been invaluable for our first series of alpha performance tests.

The box itself is pretty simple, consisting of a Raspberry Pi 3B+; an X830 match metal case and 3.5 inch SATA HDD expansion bay; and a 2 TB 3.5 inch SATA HDD. Not to mention the amazing signature of our very own Shawn Wilkinson. We will be giving away two of these via Twitter. Follow us and RT our April 1 announcement tweet for a chance to win your own box and identity token to start your own journey as a storage node operator on the V3 network.

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