GigaOm Sonar for Decentralized Storage — An Emerging Technology Insight Report

September 9, 2021

GigaOm recently published a new Sonar for Decentralized Cloud Storage—their first-ever Emerging Technology Insights Report, highlighting new, promising advancements in technology. Storj DCS was fortunate enough to be highlighted as a leader in this emerging space. The report is an in-depth analysis exploring the benefits of, and players in, decentralized technology, but more specifically, decentralized cloud storage.  

How decentralization works

Decentralized storage is based on a peer-to-peer or P2P model. Yes, the kind of P2P that so many people use for torrents and that has been successful for data distribution and file sharing (albeit mostly illegally). But, with a decentralized storage system, the data isn’t stored on a centralized system (and it isn’t illegal)—the data is split, distributed, and stored on Nodes in a local network or across the globe. This method is inherently more secure, private, performant, and more affordable than centralized options. 

In the GigaOm Sonar Report, you’ll learn about: 

  • Cloud storage and how it has evolved over the years and where it’s headed in the future
  • An overview of decentralized technology, how it works, and what goes into making decentralization a reality
  • The benefits of the decentralized cloud vs. the centralized cloud
  • How the decentralized cloud is being used and why it’s an ideal fit for certain applications
  • The key players in the decentralized space 

Storj DCS is at the forefront of decentralization, advancing this new technology to make cloud storage more private, secure, reliable, and affordable than the alternatives. We’re honored to be covered in this report and hope you’ll take a look. 

Ready to learn more? Download the report today to see what GigaOm had to say about Storj DCS, how we stack up against the alternatives, and the efforts being made towards a decentralized future. 

Download the Report

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