Mysterium and Storj Collaborate to Free the Cloud Through Decentralized Protocols

What is End-to-End Encryption?

Product Development Update - April 2021


What is S3 Compatibility?


ZK Rollup Integration with STORJ for Host Payments

SolarWinds Hacking Attack and IOC


STORJ Token Balances and Flows Report: Q4 2020

Free the Cloud With Hypernet Galileo and Tardigrade

PPE.Exchange Leverages the Decentralized Cloud for their Hyperledger and MongoDB Stack



S3-Compatible Tardigrade Origin for Content Delivered at the Fastly Edge

Introducing Filebase to the Storj Community

Streaming Fastly’s Log Output to Tardigrade

Delivering Decentralized Cloud Storage for Fastly Users

December 2020 Development Update from Storj Labs

STORJ Token Transfers


Tardigrade Backup for Kubernetes

Storj Labs and Carnegie Mellon: Moving Large Datasets Faster Across Research Institutions

Storj Labs and University of Maryland: Moving Large Datasets Faster Across Research Institutions

Tardigrade Thursday with James Wo at ETC Labs

November 2020 Development Update from Storj Labs

Build a Docker Container Registry Backed by the Decentralized Cloud


STORJ Token Balances and Flows Report: Q3 2020

Decentralized Cloud Storage is More Secure

Visualizing Decentralized Data Distribution with the Linkshare Object Map

Seven Ways You Can Use Decentralized Cloud Storage

What is Decentralized Cloud Storage

Video Transcoding and Streaming at the Distributed Edge

Store Your TikTok Data on the Decentralized Cloud

October 2020 Development Update from Storj Labs


NEM and IoDLT - Using Tardigrade to Accelerate MongoDB Snapshot Distribution and Storage

Using Tardigrade and the Decentralized Cloud to Speed Up Sync Times for GETH

Integrating Decentralized Cloud Storage with Duplicati

Easy Cloud Backups with Duplicati and Storj Labs


Private, Multiregion File Transfer with Tardigrade and FileZilla

Storj Labs and Blockchain Education Network—Driving Student Adoption of the Decentralized Cloud

Choosing Cockroach DB for Horizontal Scalability

STORJ Token Balances and Flows Report: Q2 2020


July 2020 Development Update from Storj Labs

Remote Work Blog Series Reducing Meeting Bloat Across Remote Teams

Remote but Not Alone

Managing Remote Teams

Relationship Building Over Zoom

How to Maintain Productivity in a Remote Environment

Remote-first Versus Partially Remote Work Cultures


Development Update 37 from Storj Labs

Black Lives Matter… and Startups Must Do Their Part

Storj Labs Partners with MongoDB

Cross-Platform-Uno-App Accessing Tardigrade

Getting Started With Tardigrade


Changing the Security Paradigm to Push Access Management to the Edge

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Storj Labs

Turn Your QNAP Device Into a Storage Node, Backup your NAS to the Cloud

Town Hall Questions Q1 2020

Development Update 36 from Storj Labs


STORJ Token Balances and Flows Report: Q1 2020

Announcing the COVID-19 Storage Program

Announcing Tech Preview Availability for Rclone and Restic on Tardigrade

An Overview of the Tardigrade Billing System


STORJ Token Balances and Flows Report: Q4 2019

Development Update 35 from Storj Labs

The Electric Car Example Applied to Decentralized Cloud Storage

General Availability for Tardigrade is Here

Building Tardigrade Connectors


We’ve Reached $2 Million STORJ Tokens Paid to Storage Node Operators

2020 in the Cloud: Predictions from Storj Labs

Use Cases for the Decentralized Cloud

Maximizing Bandwidth Earnings for Storage Node Operators

Quarterly Update: Storj Town Hall January 2020


Announcing Early Access For Tardigrade

Development Update 34 from Storj Labs

What to Expect in Production



How deletes affect performance with CockroachDB

Hosting Multiple Storage Nodes on the Storj Network

Development Update 33 from Storj Labs

Secure access control in the decentralized cloud


Announcing Pioneer 2 and Tardigrade.io Pricing

Measuring Production-Readiness Using Qualification Gates

Development Update 32 from Storj Labs

Development Update 31 from Storj Labs


STORJ Token Balances and Flows Report: Q3 2019

Architecting a Decentralized GitHub Backup

Development Update 30 from Storj Labs

Storage Nodes Are Now Supported on Windows Home

IPFS Now on Storj Network


Introducing the Storage Node Operator Dashboard

Development Update 29 from Storj Labs


Development Update 28 from Storj Labs

Announcing Beta: Pioneer 1 V3 and Tardigrade Are Here

The Role of Qualification Gates in Getting to Beta and Beyond

So You’re a Storage Node Operator. Which Satellites Do You Trust?

Development Update 27 from Storj Labs


Introducing the Tardigrade Mascot

Development Update 26 from Storj Labs

Q2 2019 Town Hall Recap

Help Us Choose the Tardigrade Mascot

STORJ Token Balances and Flows Report: Q2 2019

Announcing Beacon Alpha - File sharing, IP filtering, and increased performance

Join the Next Storj Labs Town Hall on July 10


Development Update 25 from Storj Labs

IP Filtering Keeps Data Distributed


Development Update 24 from Storj Labs

Coordination Avoidance On The Storj Network

Development Update 23 from Storj Labs

Flexible File Sharing With Macaroons

Development Update 22 from Storj Labs


What Storage Node Operators Need to Know About Satellites

Cloud Storage Prices Haven’t Changed Much in 4 Years but They’re About To

What Happens When You Upload a File to a Decentralized Network

The Storj V3 Developer Library Has Arrived

Development Update 21 from Storj Labs

Starting Your First Project on the Tardigrade Cloud Storage Network

Quarterly Update: Storj Town Hall, April 2019

Developers and V3 Network Make First Contact with Vanguard Alpha

Introducing Tardigrade - Decentralized Cloud Storage from Storj Labs

STORJ Token Balances and Flows Report: Q1 2019

Development Update 20 from Storj Labs

Introducing the New Storj Box, Shawn Wilkinson Signature Edition III


Our 3-Step Interview Process for Engineering Candidates

Join the Next Storj Labs Town Hall on April 10

Development Update 19 from Storj Labs

Development Update 18 from Storj Labs

So You’re Ready for Your First Payday as a Storage Node Operator


Development Update 17 from Storj Labs

Early feedback from V3 storage node operators: You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

A brief overview of Kademlia and its use in various decentralized platforms

Welcoming Katherine Johnson to the Storj Labs Board of Directors

Planning Ahead for the V2 to V3 Network Transition

Product Manager Development Update 16

Announcing The Storj V3 Explorer Release


Sharing Storage Space for Fun and Profit

What Every Node Operator Wants (and Needs) to Know About the Explorer Release

New Guidelines for Storage Node Operators in the United States

Reputation Matters When it Comes to Storage Nodes

We need great storage node operators for the V3 network! Have you got what it takes to succeed?

Quarterly Update: Storj Town Hall, January 2019

STORJ Token Balances and Flows Report: Jan. 16, 2019

Product Manager Development Update 15

Why (Proof-of-) Replication is Bad for Decentralized Storage, Part 2: Churn and Burn

Getting Started with the Storj V3 Test Network (storj-sdk)



Product Manager Development Update 14

Join the Next Storj Labs Town Hall on January 16

Product Manager Development Update 13

A free and open internet is vital and is under siege!

Decentralized Auditing and Repair! The Low-key Life of Data Resurrection

Taking Payments to The Next Level with Raiden

Using Timelocked Tokens to Support Long-term Sustainability

Introducing the STORJ Token Balances and Flows Report

STORJ Token Balances and Flows Report: Nov. 30, 2018

A Look at Token Treasury Controls, Balances and Cryptographic Key Management

An Overview of Tokens Uses, Flows and Policies at Storj Labs


Upcoming Milestone Releases on the Storj V3 Roadmap

Product Manager Development Update 12

The High Price of Traditional Cloud Storage

Product Manager Development Update 11

S3 Compatibility is Key to Breaking into the Cloud Storage Market

Security and Encryption on the V3 Network

Replication is bad for decentralized storage, part 1: Erasure codes for fun and profit

Product Manager Development Update 10

The Benefits of Decentralization Go Far Beyond Ideology


Introducing the Storj V3 White Paper

Product Manager Development Update 9

Open Source Revenue Models in the Cloud Era

Product Manager Development Update 8


Product Manager Development Update 7

Quarterly Update: Storj Town Hall September 2018

Product Manager Development Update 6


Enabling Economic Empowerment for Open Source Companies via the Storj Network

Storj Launches V3 Private Alpha

Product Manager Development Update 5

Join the Storj Labs Town Hall on September 12

Planned Network Testing Ahead of V3 Launch

Product Manager Development Update 4


Product Manager Development Update 3

Ask Storj: Dealing with Crypto Scams

Announcing the Network V3 Farmer Waitlist

Product Manager Development Update 2

Announcing a Campaign for a New Logo


Product Manager Development Update 1

Ask Storj: Company Goals and Business Targets

A look at Storj Labs’ decentralized cloud storage architecture with JT Olio

Ask Storj: Token Lock-up Update

Quarterly Update: Storj Town Hall 3

New Farmer Payout App Live


Last Chance to Convert SJCX to STORJ This Year

Save the Date for the Storj Q2 Town Hall


March Farmer Payouts

March Farmer Payouts on Track

Updates to Farmer Payouts and Network Testing


An Update on FileZilla and Storj

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Distributed Systems

Warren Weber on the Quantity Theory of Money for Tokens

Great team. Huge opportunity. Solving an enormous problem: Why I’m joining Storj Labs

The Next Generation of Storj

Quarterly Update: Storj Town Hall 2

Our ETHDenver Hackathon Experience


You’re Invited! Next Storj Town Hall Feb. 27

The Future of Healthcare— A Conversation with Walter De Brouwer

Building the Decentralized Future at ETHDenver


Getting From Petabytes to Exabytes: The Road Ahead

Storj Labs Announces STORJ ERC20 Tokens Now Listed on ShapeShift



Storj Bytes Community Newsletter Q4-2017

An Announcement about STORJ Token Lock-ups

Token Summit II: New Partnerships and New Features


SONM and Storj Labs Create the First Decentralized Cloud Computing Platform

Storj Town Hall Meeting Q417

STORJ now trading on Binance!

ETHWaterloo Hackathon Second Place Winner for Storj Challenge: BIT


Poloniex Now Listing STORJ ERC20 Token for Trading

5PB Milestone Reached

CapLinked Partners With Storj Labs


Storj Bytes Community Quarterly Newsletter - September 2017

Token Sale Wrap-up Details


Token sale details coming soon

Token Converter Re-enabled


Converter Temporarily Disabled

Storj Labs Statement on Bitcoin Fork

Storj and FileZilla Integration: Bringing Blockchain Storage to 15M Monthly Users

Updates to Storj leadership


Leadership update from Storj

Token Migration Plan Pt.2


Token Migration Plan Pt.1

Storj: New Protocol, New Opportunities

Why Use a Token?


Migration from Counterparty to Ethereum

Storj Comes Out of Beta

S3 Failure Highlights the Need for Decentralized Services like Storj


Storj Labs Raises $3 Million in Seed Funding


Storj Payout Transparency

Storj Awarded Grant Funding to Help Advance Storj Technology



Whitepaper v2 Released + Community Hangout

Updated Storj Whitepaper + Community Hangout

Using the Storj Add-on with Heroku


1 PB Milestone Reached


Try Storj on Heroku

Storj Master Plan


How To DDoS Yourself

Submit your Ideas

Introducing KFS: a local file store inspired by Kademlia

SJCX Transparency Plan Pt.1


Storj Community Hangout + TGC Milestone 1


What is Storj? Part 3 of 3: The Storj Community

What is Storj? Part 2 of 3: The Storj Toolset

Storj Test Group C is Live !

Storj Labs adds Michael Cohn, Tyler Scriven and Warren Weber to Technical Advisory Board


What is Storj? Part 1 of 3: The Storj Network

Test Group C

How Storj increases object storage security exponentially


Storj Open Beta Launch Events


Welcome to the New Storj.io

Storj Labs Launches Beta

Storj Labs Joins the Microsoft Azure Blockchain Ecosystem


DriveShare: Mandatory Restart Required

MetaDisk Alpha Release + 50,000 SJCX Rewards


Test Group B: 2 PB Milestone Reached!

What is Storj and how does it work ?

DriveShare GUI v0.5 Released



Storj Community Hangout


DriveShare GUI Released


Technical Advisory Committee Announcement

Why Storj Labs is Good for You the Farmer


Test Group B - 1PB Milestone Reached!

Test Group B - Mandatory Client Update


Test Group B Is Live

Installing dataserv-client on a Synology NAS using Debian Chroot

Test Group B - Preliminary Test With Rewards


Storj Labs Inc. Taking Ownership Of Storj Funds


News Update


DriveShare Test Group B Plan


Development Update 2


Why SJCX? Why not Bitcoin?

How much will I make from DriveShare ?


Storj is a Black Duck Software Open Source Rookie of the Year



DriveShare Beta Launch - Test Group A

Not on my drive: saying no to illegal content on Storj


Storj - DriveShare Farming Demo

Decentral Vancouver Salon talks with Shawn at Storj

Storj presenting at Swarm Demo Day 2014

Storj presentation video at the Midwestern Bitcoin Conference 2014


Development Update 1

Storj Community Hangout and IRC Chat

Shawn Wilkinson: Storj and the Decentralization of the Cloud


Personal Security Online: Current Issues and Best Practices

Our Vision


Storj is not Dropbox

How Big is the Cloud?

Hangout with Shawn Wilkinson


Storj: The Crowdsale Deck

Storj:Decentralizing Cloud Storage in 60 seconds(video)

Storj Bit Angles Presentation


Storj: The General Deck

Personal Security in the Cloud

Storj vs DropBox : Cost


What is Storj?