Announcing a Campaign for a New Logo

July 2, 2018

Leading up to the launch of Storj network V3, we feel the time is right to update the brand to better reflect the resilient, distributed nature of our platform. The V3 network will deliver a massive improvement in durability, scalability, performance and ease of integration. It will also support streaming, drop-in S3 compatibility and achieve a significant improvement in both performance and reliability.

The original Storj logo was designed in our early years, shortly after Shawn Wilkinson, our founder and chief strategy officer, won the Texas Bitcoin Hackathon in 2014 and before our first token sale that same year. We still love the logo and plan to employ it in certain use cases moving forward, however with V3’s launch being such a pivotal moment for our business, the time is right to refine our brand so it better communicates our values and encapsulates the vision of decentralized cloud storage.

Tardigrade is Storj Grade

For the redesign process, we’ve selected the tardigrade as our theme. Whether you call them water bears, moss piglets or tardigrades, we view these microscopic creatures as the perfect embodiment of the Storj network.

Tardigrades are highly distributed and inhabit every part of the world, from hot deserts to rainforests to the arctic. Storj is also highly distributed, with thousands of storage nodes across the entire world, including more than 200 countries and territories (we aren’t in Antarctica yet). Tardigrades are also highly resilient and can survive the vacuum of space, extremely hot and cold temperatures, radiation and drought - being able to live for more than 30 years without food or water. So is decentralized storage, and our V3 network will be even more resilient through the incorporation of new technologies and erasure encoding approaches.  

The Redesign Process - Get Involved

Rather than internally develop a new logo in a siloed manner, we would like to invite input from the community. We have launched a campaign on 99designs, the world’s largest online graphic design marketplace, for mid and top rated designers within their community. We are big fans of the 99designs community and have used their services in the past, including for the creation of our current logo. We invite you to follow along, and if you’re also a designer on 99designs, you can now submit your designs to the campaign. Once all designs have been submitted, we will let the community vote on the final logo. Thank you in advance for your feedback!

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