An Overview of the Tardigrade Billing System

April 20, 2020

With the production launch of the Tardigrade platform, we introduced our new billing system. The system allows all Tardigrade users to pay for the storage and bandwidth they use on the network. At launch, we're accepting payments via credit card or with STORJ tokens. To view your latest bill, go to the billing tab on your Tardigrade account.

Payments Methods and Credits

You can pay for Tardigrade in two ways: credit card or STORJ token (our ERC-20 utility token). If you add both a credit card and a STORJ token balance, your token balance will be used first, followed by your credit card. If you have an account credit, it will also be used before your credit card.

Once you add a payment method, we'll give you a credit of 5GB for storage and bandwidth for the month and increase your limits to 5GB as well. The credit expires at the end of the first full billing cycle after production. If you've already signed up, you can claim your credit by simply adding a credit card or at least $50 worth of STORJ tokens in one single transaction.

Payment Methods and Rate Limits

Every Tardigrade account has a rate limit, which limits how much data a user can upload to the network and how much bandwidth they can utilize during a billing period. These limits are on a per-Satellite basis. So if you have a 1TB limit for storage and bandwidth on three Satellites, you have a total of 3TBs across all Satellites.

All limits are set to zero until a method of payment is added. Once a method of payment is added, the limits will default to 5 GB. If you would like to increase your limits, you can always contact our support team through the Tardigrade support portal.


Billing is quite straightforward, however our team has put together detailed documentation that answers all the finer questions about the Tardigrade billing system. This thorough documentation goes over lots of details like removing a credit card from your account, different aspects of your bill, and discounts for paying for your Tardigrade bill in STORJ token.

The best part of your Tardigrade bill is that it's significantly cheaper than what you would pay with a major cloud storage provider. We look forward to hearing about what you build with the affordability, resiliency, and durability that Tardigrade delivers!

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